Saudi Arabia lifts quarantine requirement for vaccinated foreign visitors


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It is good that this relaxation is not yet complete, a negative test is still a necessary precaution since no vaccine is 100% effective. Hopefully enough people will vaccinate in the near future to prevent the appearance of new variants that can spoils the gradual recovering towards normality that is happening around the world.

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They have just agreed to hold the Fury v Joshua boxing in August. Saying they want foreign fans.

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Honesyly who wants to visit such a corrupt and undemocratic country? No free speech, no independent media, homophobic and discrimination against women. I would NEVER step foot in such a country.

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Tobia...... If you are in Japan, to a certain extent you have set foot in such a country. Japan ticks all those boxes. Not as bad as Saudi but then again nowhere is!

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Agree with Kipling and Tobia. What foreign national is dying to get in Saudi right now... does this announcement impact anyone? And why is Japan Today bothering to report this? Seems very out of place.

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The Hajj will be from July 17 to 22nd. So there is your answer on a postcard.

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Mr Kipling:

To be fair, women can drive in Japan (even if they have a baby in their laps).

But no, I have no intention of going to SA.

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The driving ban in Saudi was dropped last year, even though it was actually supported by over 70% of Saudi women! CNN only interviews the English speaking, western educated women. Never the ultra conservatives.

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The driving ban in Saudi was dropped last year.

Oh yeah, forgot about that. Welcome to the 20th century. I wonder women still need permission from their male relatives to leave home, travel, work, breath.

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Pukey2.... Of course they will still need permission to be outside alone or be with a male relative to accompany them. Its not 2060 yet! :)

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