Seat on first 787 Dreamliner sells for $34,000 at auction


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and you wonder why Occupy Wall Street protests are going on

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LOL to thumbs down

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Money is going to charity, Good on ANA for doing this. SQ did the same with the first flights of the A380. Good advert for ANA, good advert for Boeing - what pointless comments by ironchef.

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IronChef is on to something, I agree with Iron Chef! But you have to wonder what kind of nerds would be so excited and stupid enough to pay so much money for being the FIRST on a plane?? WTF?? Now, if you are the first to say, orbit the earth from one of these new airplane, rockets that Virgin is sending out to space for say $200,000 I can see getting happy over that, but just on a new Boeing?? Woopdy dooh!

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Is it any different to the thousands of people who queue up for the new iphone, or queue up to be the last customer at Wendy's (do you remember that)? There are plenty of people excited out there to fly on a new plane. I'm not one of them and nor are you (quite clearly), but quite what this has to do with the 'Occupy Wall Street' protests is beyond me. Once again - the money has gone to charity. Thats $34,000 that charity didn't have.

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Charity?? Ok, maybe I forgot to read about the charity part, but on another positive note for this plane and for Japan and for all of us, many of the parts are Made in Japan, so many more Japanese will have more $$$! A bit more $$$ is not bad right, especially now when the Japanese economy is so messed up.

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