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Shhh, I’m on vacation. Travelers are on a quest for the quiet


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I particularly hate idiots using loud speakers to make calls and watch stuff on public transport or any public areas. It's an obnoxious trend that must stop.

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My location is very quiet without many mechanical sounds. The nights are bliss.

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In the UK I went on retreats for 10-14 days each to practice mindfulness.

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Japan is not a quiet country. Even in rural areas farmers are always making loud bangs very early to scare away birds.

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“must stop”, lol. Good luck with that.

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My house is very quiet, bar the cicadas in summer. Where do you live that you have to suffer constant noise?

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Sounds like a rip off scam for trendy people with more money than sense. There's always quiet places if you can be bothered to find them, don't need no middle man sorting things out for you, for Pete's sake, lol

I enjoy the old noise, can't whack it. Hustle and bustle, moving around and that. I'm like the Duracell Bunny you see, never stop.

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