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Step into a magical ‘ice village’ resort in northern Japan

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By Jess, grape Japan

So we all know that Elsa’s ice palace and the permanently snowing kingdom in "Frozen" was supposed to be a metaphor for Elsa’s anguish and isolation, but let’s be honest. Buildings made of ice are awesome, and this northern Japanese resort are taking full advantage of that fact by creating their own magical icy world for visitors to enjoy this winter.


Hoshino Resorts claim to own the premier accommodated snow resort in Hokkaido, and thanks to the beautiful winter scenery of Hokkaido and the unique services the resort offers (such as their illuminated hoarfrost cloud walk last year), it does look undeniably spectacular.

The resort is located nearby Mount Tomamu, and the ice village is set amongst this stunning winter landscape. Spanning 3.2 hectares, the village boasts 11 charming ice domes. There’s plenty of snow themed activities to enjoy around the area, such as an ice sweets shop where they make gelato on a slab of ice, an ice bar, an ice bakery and even an ice slide among other things. But the main event is the icy afternoon tea.


The afternoon tea’s tasty morsels are served on a three-tiered stand made of, you guessed it, ice. Of course, some nice hot tea is also included to keep you at least a bit toasty in the chill weather.


You can enjoy your wintery treats in an especially romantic setting, an illuminated table and chair set made entirely of ice, nestled in the mysterious and snowy white birch forest. Since the afternoon tea event is only running during February, it’s the perfect place to celebrate a magical Valentine’s Day.


In this ethereal frozen world, patrons can celebrate their passionate love with a bowl of sweet shaved ice which is literally on fire. Although chocolate and ice are something that would usually melt when set alight, Hoshino Resorts use the flammable power of a meringue covering to create this flaming spectacle.


The afternoon tea is quite exclusive since only three groups of up to four people can be served the course each day. If you want to be one of those lucky few, you can reserve a table on the resort’s home page from Jan 1, 2020.

Both those staying at the resort and people on a day trip can enter the picturesque ice village which is open from Dec 10 until March 14, 2020 and costs 500 yen to enter. Despite the "afternoon" tea event, it’s not actually open until the evening, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. (last entry at 9:30 p.m.).

For more information about the ice village and Hoshino’s Tomamu resort, check out their website here.

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