Study finds leaving middle seats open on planes reduces virus risk


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They had to run a study to come up with this ! ?


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Yeah. Thanks for the laugh. Someday there will be the study that will try to prove 0 is actually not 0, later they realise that it is O.

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Yes, less virus risk, maybe a little bit, if the used air is not filtered but immediately directed outside of the plane, otherwise you have the same sum of virus load , from the not flying people plus the concentrated virus pool in the airplane filters and spread later back on ground. That is all of no use at all, because nothing of the amount is reduced, only the type of spreading is altered. But feel free to take the rare window seat instead and raise some other risk like radiation exposure. lol

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Hej. Filters are called filters for a reason. Think about it.

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The group cited a Harvard University report funded by the airline industry as showing that the risk of transmitting the coronavirus on planes is very low.

That's good to know there couldn't possibly be any bias in that report. Total impartiality.

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