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Surf's up! N Korean tourism agency tries to woo foreigners


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North Korea has some absolutely stunning coastline, very similar to Japan without all the ugly tetrapods and concrete everywhere.


When all the madness stops and people regain their senses, it will be a stunning tourist destination.

Could be some hidden gems along that coastline? I'm always up for a surf trip!

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The website also provides basic travel information like air and train routes and ways to get around Pyongyang using public transport such as cabs and buses.

If you do go there (and risk arbitrary arrest) you won't be allowed to move around freely. There is little point in providing information about transportation that you are not allowed to use.

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Gives meaning to the phrase 'BLOOD BATH'

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Run by the I Want To Financially Aid Despotic Regimes Tours, I presume.

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Hey I enjoy surfing. This North Korea place doesn't sound too bad!

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Has the following been confirmed:

“From the 27th of July an announcement will be made that all U.S. tourists will be banned from traveling to the DPRK and will be enforced 30 days later,” Rowan Beard of Young Pioneer Tours told NK News in a statement on Friday. Any U.S. tourist who travels to the DPRK during this ban will have their passports revoked by their government.”


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Every potential tourist should know that by visiting NK they directly support the bloody dictatorship and mass murders of people in the concentration camps of this hellhole.

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The US is going to ban it's citizens from travelling to North Korea, according to the BBC.

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It would be an interesting place to visit. I'm definitely interested, though my wife has said no way.

I'll have to wait until the kids are grown up and can support themselves. If there's still a North Korea left at that point.

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