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Thai Airways testing biometric check-in solution at Suvarnabhumi Airport


Thai Airways is currently testing a biometric check-in service at the country's main international gateway, Suvarnabhumi Airport in Samut Prakan near Bangkok, Thailand.

The national carrier was chosen by the Airports of Thailand (AOT) to pilot the biometric check-in solution at Suvarnabhumi Airport on flights to Singapore.

The trial is being conducted on flight TG409, a daily service between Bangkok and Changi Airport in Singapore, until April 30.

Biometric technology is becoming much more widely used in the overall air travel experience, from check-in to boarding, and even airport lounge access, and more.

It is designed to create a smoother, more seamless travel experience, helping to reduce passenger waiting times at check-in and the boarding gate as the biometric data of passengers is connected through the Passenger Validation System.

The biometric check-in for TG409 is taking place at counter D9 - D12, common use self-service kiosks 63-64 and at the common use bag drop counter E14 at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The airline and concerned stakeholders will evaluate the outcome of the trial project to decided on how best to proceed with its expansion at the airport and other international gateways in the country.

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It might save a few seconds but most likely nothing at all. It's like online check-in. What's the point? You still have to drop your bags off. Waiting in queues is often the same amount of time for those who have checked in as those who haven't. I've even had to create my own bag stickers and then read how to affix them. In the end I am doing the job of the ground staff and the tickets are no cheaper. Same with booking a ticket. I used to just call the travel agent, say where I wanted to go, tell them the meal I wanted, ask for the cheapest way, then pay by credit card over the phone. Now it seems to take forever, especially when you want to compare services and prices across websites.

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The ‘air’ experience used to be a pleasure,now it is all about selling and cramming people in.

The LCCs don’t even provide water and continually barrage their customers with announcements on the plane.

Meanwhile prices just keep getting higher…

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The ‘air’ experience used to be a pleasure,now it is all about selling and cramming people in.

It still is if you turn left when you board the plane.

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Yes, it is @factchecker. Thank goodness for that at least.

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