Thai Airways to charge extra for preferred seats


Thai Airways has announced that it will soon give travellers the option of selecting preferred seats, for a price.

The preferred seat fee will vary based on actual flight distance flown, and Thai Airways says that the service will only be available after tickets have been purchased and not before.

The preferred seats selection will be available on all international flights, in both Economy Class and Royal Silk Class, for travel that begins on July 27 onwards.

However, preferred seats will only be available for purchase on Thai’s website beginning mid-August.

After tickets have been issued, Economy Class passengers will be able to purchase front row or exit row seats in each zone of Economy Class. Royal Silk Class passengers will be able to purchase First Class seats on flights where the preferred seats service is available.

Passengers had previously been able to select their seat of choice, free of charge, as long as their ticket was the correct class code, such as K, Q or another.

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Well, this is just following the worldwide trend providing extra services for those that care. Hope it helps keep the base fare stable

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I prefer a seat that won't get my knees crushed. How much extra for that?

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Airlines are just taking advantage of the opportunity to scam money out of passengers, under the guise it's a benefit. And no,this extra charge is to boost profits,NOT to keep airfare prices down.

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