Thailand to allow vaccinated travelers from 40-plus countries without quarantine


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Finally! The beginning of the end of this BS!

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The keyword again being..... Vaccinated.

Vaccine "skeptics" will again be holidaying at home.

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"Without quarantine" except you have to stay in a hotel to wait for your test results..... not sure the point of the test on arrival. If you test negative pre departure it is useless. Even if you somehow manage to contract Covid in transit, it wouldn't show up on your arrival test anyway so soon. It is all "safety theatre".

Still I want to go though...

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Exactly exercise in ticky-boxy "look at us, we're doing something"......pure placebo theatre....but at least it's a start.......I still won't travel yet.....even that extra hoop to jump through isn't worth it for a short haul trip.

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Thailand had about 9700 new cases yesterday...Enjoy your trip...

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FarmboyToday  10:09 am JST

Thailand had about 9700 new cases yesterday...Enjoy your trip...

If you are vaccinated...then what is the problem???

Or are you saying vaccinations don't work?

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That might make it easy to go to Thailand, but people from places like HK and Japan are going to find it too much of a hassle to get back.

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"people from places like HK and Japan are going to find it too much of a hassle to get back."

I was thinking the same thing. But's "only" a 10 day quarantine with AI checking in on you with annoying demands for verification, several times a day...or else! Because Yokoso! Japan.

Since the vax does NOT prevent you from catching or carrying the virus, how could you possibly be sure at the end of your excursion that you're going to pass that final PCR test necessary to board said plane back to Japan, anyway? (You can't, and airlines helpfully charge double cost for "refundable" bookings now, so...)

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I'm thinking Thailand could be fusible around Christmas. There's a good chance Japan will have shorted or even scrapped its quarantine requirement by then.

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People do realise that vaccinated people can catch and transmit Covid right?

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Jeff lee I think you are wrong . Japan will be the last country to scrap quarantine or open frontiers of all the earth . Tradition :-(

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Vaccinated people have less than a 10% chance of becoming infected. And less than 50% chance of passing it on to another. Covid tests are required before boarding a flight.

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In other words the sex industry is suffering, lets open up!!

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The vaccines reduce chances of severe cases and deaths however the protection offered by vaccines is far less than promised originally, AZ gives 71% protection up to 6 months and Pfizer 83% for those who do not already have antibodies.

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Good for Thailand

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