Thailand hosts 500 travel agents, media reps to boost tourism

By Rena Iwama

To help recover from the recent political turmoil in Thailand, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and Thai Airways International hosted the “Thailand Today” Mega Fam Trip, inviting 500 travel agents and media representatives (including 50 from Japan) earlier this month.

During the tour, participants toured Phuket and Bangkok, visiting such resorts as Indigo Pearl, The Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa, Banthai Beach Resort & Spa and the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel.

The message from Thai authorities was that the country has returned to normal and is safe for visitors.

TAT Governor Suraphon Svetasreni said they specifically chose to showcase the north, northeast, and eastern regions because they have lower market share than the very popular southern Thailand beach resorts. "However, they are all very culturally rich and diverse parts of the world which need more global exposure. Many of the new products that have emerged in these regions need to get more prominent presence on the international tour circuit," he said.

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I got a NY Times (ASA) special edition last week all on Thailand (the whole paper).... which I found mostly exaggerating and stretching numbers which was obviously bankrolled by the guv. Great. Thailand will always be Thailand except I have noticed more of the loser type hitting the kingdom.

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Uprising again can happen, it's an unstable country.

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I love Thailand, just don't burn down my favorite hotel in Pattaya.

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Phuket? That place is rip-off city when it comes to transportation. Ever wonder why there is no public bus alternative? The last time it was tried, some of the drivers took a beating and that was that. Far too much corruption in that sector.

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Travel in the Kingdom is fun and fascinating but there are deep divisions in Thai society. But as a people, still friendly and needing tourist money. Will continue to travel there.

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Hi I'm Thai. Now everything is fine. We always welcome u guys to visit here and you will be impressed.

See you next year Japan.

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they must have gone to da "mee soo ho-ney" shops

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Restore democracy, and maybe I'll be tempted to go.

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