Thailand to introduce $9 visitor fee from April


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Revenues will be used for foreign tourists' insurance coverage... 

Great deal! I usually pay around 15,000 yen, which is a lot more than 300 baht, for travel insurance when I go to Thailand. Now, the government is going to cover it! Yeah!

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wow. what a country

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300 baht? That's two beers in a go-go bar or half the "bar fine" to take one of the ladies back to your hotel?

I'm sure the "tourists" will be able to afford this extra fee.

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I wouldn't mind to pay the 9 bucks but, do you need to take a PCR test and do quarantine? Bah! No thanks, I'll stick to domestic travel for the time being, Thailand's economy can tank for all I care.

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$9 is not much. However, they are taking advantage. They should be happy that tourists come back instead of trying to charge them to come back. Just the point of it, everybody should write and say that we will come back when they don't discriminate tourists.

When I am there, even if a Tuk tuk tries to charge me more because I am visiting, I won't barter with him, I will tell him that he is discriminating and no matter the price will not use him. I will go to another driver who will be happy to have the business.

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1,044 yen charge? lol.

If anyone bothered to look at their own country's international travel fee breakdown, they'd discover that this new Thai charge is rather small potatoes.

Here's a list of typical US-Japan surcharges for one round trip between the two: 1) United States - September 11th Security Fee (Passenger Civil Aviation Security Service Fee): 610 yen (still charging after 20 years!); 2) Japan - Passenger Service Facilities Charge: 2610 yen; 3) Japan International Tourist Tax: 1000 yen; 4) United States - Transportation Tax: 4060 yen; 5) United States - APHIS User Fee - Passengers: 440 yen; 6) United States - Passenger Facility Charge: 490 yen; 7) United States - Immigration User Fee: 770 yen; 8) United States - Custom User Fee: 640 yen.

8 separate taxes for a grand total of 10,620 yen! But gosh...Thailand is now charging 1,044 yen? How dare they! lol...wake up and realize...sneaky surcharges for travelers is old hat!

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International tourism won't return until the restrictions are lifted and Covid is considered no differently to Hepatitis, HIV and other viruses. Given Omicron, Thailand may be able to do that in 2022. The UK will. Japan may not reopen until later or may retain restrictions permanently, viewing tourists, foreign students and migrants (blue- or white-collar) as pollution: a cultural, medical and security threat. Only rich people may be allowed in. Time will tell.

The $9 is tiny. They should peg it at $50. If you can afford the air fare, you can afford that.

A $9 fee is unlikely to replace your travel insurance.

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