Thailand to restart quarantine-free travel from February 1


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PCR test? hotel waits? 7-day restriction of movement? Vaccines? LOL No thanks,

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 as long as they take COVID tests on the first and fifth days after arriving

Visitors will have to isolate at a hotel while waiting for their test results

I don't understand that.

So visitors take a test on the first day and wait in the hotel for result, then they can go out until the 5th day, take another test and then wait in the hotel again for the result?

Is my understanding correct?

Sounds troublesome to me.

How long does it take until the result comes?

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Test and go? Wouldn't "Test and Go-Go Bar" be a better name?

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Thailand's economy is not "tourism dominated". Tourism accounts for only around 10% of Thailand's economy.

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My understanding is that the result is given at the airport and then then there is freedom to go.

Also, there was a requirement for Covid insurance which may still be necessary.

I might take a rip there late February especially to one the the resorts.

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Nah, you have to book a hotel and test. After landing, a van will take you to a test center (usually clinic) associated with your hotel. THey will do the test. Then you go to the hotel. You wait for the result (usually within 12 hours) and then are free.

It is the SECOND test that seems hard to justify, especially combined with yet another hotel stay. This frankly makes the Sandbox Scheme seem more enticing. Just book a designated hotel for a week, do the test, run around the Sandbox zone (usually Phuket Island), do the second test, then freedom.

Actually the worst part of the entire thing is trying to get back into Japan. Thailand is now considered a high risk country. So you have to do a 3 day quarantine at the airport upon returning to Japan. Then you can go home to finish the final 10 days. Fully vaxxed, covid tested twice (pre departure and after landing) and still a quarantine. Nihon e yokoso.

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@ Atilla

Where does one do a three day quarantine at ´the airport’ in Japan?

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