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The Okura Tokyo starts taking reservations


Hotel Okura Co Ltd on Monday announced that The Okura Tokyo, due to open on Sept 12 this year, has started accepting advance reservations for accommodation and restaurants. The hotel is also launching a special room price campaign to celebrate its opening.

The Okura Tokyo replaces the highly acclaimed Hotel Okura Tokyo, which originally opened its doors as a "Uniquely Japanese World-Class Hotel" in 1962. The hotel subsequently welcomed distinguished guests from all over the world, and consistently pioneered developments in the hotel industry in Japan.

The new hotel will reprise the former hotel’s traditional Japanese beauty as well as its cherished simplicity and elegance to offer a new combination of “traditional luxury” and “contemporary luxury.”

A total of 508 expansive rooms will be available in two buildings on its spacious grounds in the center of Tokyo. The smaller of the two buildings, The Okura Heritage Wing, will comprise a 17-story structure with refreshing views of gardens and greenery on three sides; a top-tier luxury hotel with a tasteful, classically Japanese atmosphere.

The spacious guest rooms will offer a generous floor area of 60 square meters and an overall width of eight meters, making them one of the largest standard hotel rooms in Tokyo. All rooms will feature the distinctive flavor of Japanese interior design and come equipped with steam saunas and spa baths for enhanced relaxation.

The larger Okura Prestige Tower will be a 41-story structure offering premium quality accommodation accented with refined Japanese aesthetics.

The creation of two separate properties reflects the company’s strategy to evolve its room branding into two differentiated categories. Rooms under the contemporary luxury Okura Prestige brand are already available in its overseas properties. Its more exclusive counterpart—the Okura Heritage brand, embodying traditional and dignified luxury—will make its debut at The Okura Tokyo.

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No mention of what will happen with the gorgeous South Wing. Surely that’s not going to be pulled down for some glass faced monstrosity? I can imagine it happening the prime location and size of that piece of land.......better be Buddhist and accept that change is inenvitable and not hang on to things!

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Another soulless concrete and glass monstrosity...the kind you see anywhere in the world.

The Okura was one of the most iconic hotels in the world....not anymore.

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It was hopelessly out of date for what they charged and absolutely reeked of stale cigarette smoke. Bring on the shiny new one I say.

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It is "modern" instead of "contemporan". It is a huge mishap inside the hotel. The outside look is nearly contemporan. But, it is not fully.

The history link was not well deal with... It is a shame. But at least the french part is pretty. Not contemporan. Full modern, but the cooking is intent to be contemporan.

(modern is 20th century up to the end)



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I don'r know for sure, But I assume Post-Olympics the South Wing will be torn down and rebuilt, probably also as a mixed use project. It is, as pointed out above , really out of date for what they charge compared to other Hotels in the general area, regardless of its 'iconic' status. I work close by and in all fairness its becoming an eyesore even if you consider all the new steel and glass buildings ugly.

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