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Tokyo gov't helping to attract foreign tourists to local areas


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On a special website, the metropolitan government introduces 

A this special website is called...???

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Unfortunately for the Tokyo government, the majority of foreign tourists are independent minded enough that they don't require their trip to Japan to be scheduled to the point of what they are going to eat every day.

The reality is that most tourists have no interest in going to Fukui, and are sensible enough to stay well away from Fukushima, never mind go there to specifically eat a dish which may or may not contain locally grown rice and vegetables.

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Other areas struggle to keep even locals from being sucked in by the omnipotent black hole known as Tokyo, so it stands to reason they'd struggle hard with tourists too. It's a shame because there's so many beautiful places to visit here across the whole country.

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All areas are local areas.

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In my experience those who want to visit Japan are more interested in seeing the historical stuff, so are keen to visit Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima etc. There isn't much to see after three days in Tokyo anyway.

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