Tokyo Skytree releases 'Fast Skytree Combo ticket' to observation decks for int'l visitors


Tokyo Skytree, operated by Tobu Tower Skytree Co Ltd, has released the "Fast Skytree Combo ticket" to the tower's observation decks, Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria exclusively for visitors from overseas.

The admission fee system has also been simplified under the new ticket, which is easier for inbound tourists to understand.

Tokyo Skytree launched the "Fast Skytree Ticket" -- the predecessor to the "Fast Skytree Combo ticket" -- exclusively for visitors from overseas on February 19, 2015, to allow them to swiftly enter the Tembo Deck without waiting in line at the ticket window to buy admission tickets, thereby improving their convenience.

A ticket to Tembo Galleria was added to the "Fast Skytree Ticket" and the four age-based fee levels under the "Fast Skytree Ticket" have been reduced to two under the "Fast Skytree Combo ticket." The new ticket has thus further improved the convenience of inbound tourists visiting Tokyo Skytree.

The ratio of individual visitors to Tokyo Skytree from abroad has been steadily increasing -- from 6.8% in fiscal 2013 to 12.4% in fiscal 2014 and to 15.4% in fiscal 2015 (*). In response, Tokyo Skytree has launched a wide variety of services since its opening in 2012 to better meet their needs.

(*) The figures are based on the outcome of surveys on the ratios of international visitors (excluding those on group tours) and the breakdown of their places of departure (countries and regions), which Tobu Tower Skytree Co has conducted since 2013. In the surveys, the company interviewed international visitors who bought admission tickets to Tokyo Skytree (excluding those on group tours) - on three occasions totaling six days in fiscal 2013 and 2014 each, and on five occasions totaling 10 days in fiscal 2015.

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Soooo, an article about ticket price changes without actually mentioning old or new prices....genius!

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Tatsu is right. The first thing I looked for was an admission price. but this article about admission prices doesn't mention one

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Do they check your passport too?

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I've been to Tokyo more than ten times, and always thought the price was too high, thus avoided it.

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