Tokyo Station Hotel to begin accepting reservations for weddings, banquets on Jan 30


The Tokyo Station Hotel will begin accepting reservations for weddings and banquets on Jan 30. The hotel, which opened inside Tokyo Station in 1915, has been closed for a major preservation and restoration project since 2006.

On Oct 3 this year, the fully-refurbished hotel will hold a grand opening ceremony and again begin serving guests. The hotel's brand concept is "Experience a unique legacy of timeless hospitality, OMOTENASHI."

Nearly 100 years have passed since the hotel began its storied history of serving guests from Japan and around the world. Not only does it provide guests with the traditions and advanced service expected of a premier hotel, it also provides a unique experience possible only in such a stately building, designated an Important Cultural Property of Japan.

Weddings and Banquets

The Tokyo Station Hotel is equipped with three wedding and banquet rooms ready to provide guests with a high-quality, refined experience. The banquet rooms, designed by a professional firm based in the United Kingdom, are places of true sophistication that combine European classicism and modernism. This decor is complemented by fine dishes from Executive Chef Masahiro Ishihara, who has used his years of experience with authentic French dishes to produce a cuisine that fluidly combines traditional and modern elements.

The Tokyo Station Hotel is located inside Tokyo Station, which has more arrivals and departures than any other station in Japan. This unparalleled convenience makes it easy to invite guests from far away as they can arrive in comfort whatever the weather.

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That's pretty crazy. Looking forward to the construction ending.

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I enjoy sitting in the Marunouchi Bldg. restaurants overlooking Tokyo Station and watching the remodeling work in progress. A new Tokyo Station is emerging from all of this work ... a Tokyo Station that when finished will look like it did when it was first built.

Turning back the clock to make Tokyo Station even prettier ... great! ...

Wonder what the inside of the station complex will look like when all the work is finished ... ??

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I've always loved this piece of architecture and can't wait what they've done to it!

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Where are we going in this country? Boko haram want to ruin our country may GOD should save us.

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