Tokyo travel service Bespoke adds Korean to its languages


Bespoke Tokyo, the elite travel service featured in the New York Times and TIME magazine, is offering new languages to reflect broadening demand for insider knowledge about Asia's capital of cool.

Fashion buyers, executives, pop stars and even royalty keep Bespoke Tokyo on speed dial for unrivaled insider knowledge and access.

Bespoke's trademarked Urban Safaris can now take Korean speakers direct to Tokyo's hippest stores, restaurants, bars and clubs in areas like Aoyama, Daikanyama and Shibuya.

And, designed exclusively for city-hoppers from Seoul, BT Break is a fully customized weekend of shopping, dining, culture, and relaxation – from arrival to departure and everything in between.

"Tokyo is the most dynamic city in Asia. What happens here influences fashion and culture across the region," says Bespoke Tokyo representative Jai Cha Tamura. "Korea is Japan's closest neighbor, so it's about time Korean visitors had access to top-level services like Bespoke Tokyo."

Assisting the Japanese government's target of attracting 20 million foreign visitors a year by 2020, Bespoke Tokyo plans to add other languages including French, German and Chinese by the end of the year. The full range of safari and travel consulting services will be available in every language.

For more information on Bespoke Tokyo, visit or email

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Well done, catering to foreigners needs.

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Neat story, once again showing that Japanese culture is at the forefront of 'cool' even with all the negative news about the economy, etc. etc.

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I never knew that royalty kept Bespote Tokyo on speed dial. Can JT let us know which royalty this is, or at least tell us the source of this news story so we can go and find out?

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Yes, I too am interested in hearing about this Royalty connection. From which country does this Royalty originate?

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So, Tokyo is the "Capital of Cool" huh? A city whose citizens avoid sitting beside foreingers on its trains, and a city where 80% of its landlords refuse to rent their properties to gaijin because they hate us. Yes, its the capital of freezing cool all right.

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Tokyo is the "capital of cool" in Asia? Sure if you are an Asian with an inferiority complex, you will believe everything "Japanese" is superior to your own "inferior" country. I agree with REALIST, even idiot Japanese in the capital of this country are usually to "afraid" to sit down next to a pesky "gaijin" foreigner, no matter how well you can speak their native language, so Tokyo maybe cool to Asians but for this Mexican, forget it!

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