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Tourism groups push U.S. to eliminate travel restrictions


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These are, clearly, difficult times. What should we do?

The travel industry has asked that people who are fully vaccinated should be allowed to travel freely. But, among the more than 1 million people per day who are currently flying in the US, how many are fully vaccinated? Would the travel industry support a move that only those who are fully vaccinated be allowed to travel on planes?

Testing is not reliable, since someone can test negative for the virus during the time when it is becoming established in the body. Letting such people into the country, or allowing such people to travel freely, seems irresponsible. We should balance the need for jobs against the need to stay safe from Covid-19. Hopefully, in a few months, discussions of how to reopen safely will become moot, as we approach widespread vaccinations.

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Here we go again.

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I agree, time to reopen the country!

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Coming into Japan as a tourist is too troublesome to even think of doing it.

If that's the case, maybe they shouldn't host the games at all.

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No foreign fans will be allowed for the Olympics.

All the more reason not to hold the games.

The athletes and their staff will be exempt from all the conditions tourists must meet and agree to.

Well, these games, if they are held will bomb badly.

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Sigh. People are antsy and have too little patience. At this point allowing unrestricted global travel will allow the virus to spread faster to more victims, make more sick and kill more people. As more people are vaccinated the situation changes but no nation is to the point of herd immunity yet. Vaccination programs are just starting. Wait a bit longer, till fall at least and see how vaccination programs have progressed. Exercise restraint to minimize suffering and death. Don't act like a kid with ADHD who can't sit still or follow directions. Please.

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The US is a rudderless ship right now: good luck getting consistent policy from them.

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