Tourism in trouble: Hong Kong demos hit economy

By Yan Zhao and Catherine Lai

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Drop in property prices might be seen as a good thing.  all the empty apartments (or some occupied by HK second wives) make it impossible for younger folks to buy.  and rentals crazy high also.

Masinland money flooded into HK precisely because of the perception that it is safer there from Chinese government action.  That may soon go out the window.

Poor people reliant on tourism.  Must be tough.  Have heard LKF and Wanchai and all are pretty empty right now.

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In June friends bought the inexpensive tickets for HK. All was peaceful then. Now their trip is in question. No refunds possible.

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I go to HK once every couple years or so. Won't be going now and I think I will skip it totally in 2020.

Then again, there is always Macau!

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Time the riot squad did their job and moved these RIOTERS on. Why should travellers be inconvenienced by these Western encouraged louts. They will not win the support of travellers by disrupting them and costing the both money and delays.

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