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Image: PIXTA/ Shiryu

Toyama Castle stands as a reminder of feudal rule that existed almost 400 years ago

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By Abhijit Sen

Toyama Castle in the center of Toyama City, was originally built in 1543 by a powerful feudal lord named Sassa Narimasa. However, the castle keep was dismantled during the Meiji Restoration. Over the years, the castle underwent several renovations and reconstructions, the latest in 1954. Today, the castle is a top tourist attraction, offering visitors a unique opportunity to learn more about Japan’s feudal history.

Toyama Castle Ruin Park

The observatory on the top floor offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding city. Image: PIXTA/たき

Toyama Castle, which is now part of the Toyama Castle Ruins Park, features a beautiful green lawn, a Japanese garden and an art museum. The current castle-keep boasts impressive architecture and design, and its original wall and moat beautifully reflect the feudal era’s artistry and engineering. Today, the keep houses the Toyama municipal folk museum, where visitors can explore numerous exhibits, including the castle’s history, the Maeda family’s artifacts, and other relics of feudal times. Moreover, the observatory on the top floor offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding city.

Spring at the Castle

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