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Travel apps or travel agents?


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An app doesn't have a personal relationship, so screw ups or fibs really don't have personal accountability. If I'm doing a "trip of a lifetime" - I want someone who was just there setting things up. Plus they can hold each of the vendors accountable if there are less-than-ideal situations. They won't send anyone else to their property/event. App feedback on locations is probably 80+% paid - not real people actually staying there.

Online reviews are being gamed all the time now. Harder to game a travel agent's clients.

I won't book through a smartphone - they aren't secure. Being more comfortable has nothing to do with it. I make smartphone apps. I'm very comfortable. I just know better than to do any financial transactions through a smartphone. Sure, 99% of the time things will be fine, but if you've ever had your identity stolen, you'd be more cautious too.

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I think that it's more interesting to book holidays by such services. So you can decide which flight class to choose and suit your budget. + Reviews make it more comfy to choose desirable destination. I had experience in booking, a year ago had a trip to China and booked tickets through this service . So I will try this app next time.

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