Travel boom has not made world smaller, says writer Pico Iyer

By Katie Forster

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Gotta agree with the Pico here about quite a few of his insights here.

One thing I noticed is that in hostels, in which I stay at on occasions, have become a bit less interactive between guests.

Most are engaged with their smartphones/tablets/laptops and less engaged with other guest than before. When I stayed in hostels in the 80s/90s, lots of hostelers talked to each other. There just wasn't much else to do. Lots of information was exchanged that way, too.

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Similarly, Japan may have embraced baseball, but it has turned the American sport into "something deeply Japanese."

Really! Does he mean like reversing balls-strikes to strikes-balls? How about some elaboration so we can truly get the feeling.

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While there, he met a Japanese woman called Hiroko and fell in love. She left her husband and the couple moved into a small suburban flat in Nara


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Travel is the best education. Japanese should travel more and not just listen.

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Easy to live and to say that you don't need to travel too much when you are travelling Japan to California each year, have travelled everywhere and apparently money has never been a problem ever.

I don't like people telling me what is good for me ,hen they have all what they need.

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We Japanese really have no experience with people coming, visiting, living, and integrating.

I get real estate agents making X signs with their arms a couple feet from my face cause they assume I’m caucasian.

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