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Travel industry looks to Chinese tourists to cap post-COVID rebound

By Tim Witcher

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A very interesting interview with a Chinese-American business woman yesterday on public radio. She said that she has been going to Paris several times a year for a long time, as part of her job in the fashion industry. What I found most interesting was her description of Chinese tourists in Paris. It seems that "The Ugly American Tourists" have been replace by "The Ugly Chinese Tourists," and this from someone without an axe to grind!

What she said was, basically, that the Chinese tourists in Paris were not behaving terribly well.

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Travellers are now paying a "sensible price" for plane tickets, Fernandes insisted.

If planes are still full, I suppose they are doing things right from a business perspective. I wonder (other) people will be willing and abie to pay the prices I'm seeing now for years to come when demand is no longer pent up and/or supply is less constricted.

Compared to normal wages in Japan, flights are super expensive. Only families with very high incomes can afford to travel internationally.

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