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Travel industry rep wants U.S. to speed up visas


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"called it unfortunate that more Chinese people visit France than the United States" This has nothing to do with visas. France is a much more attractive destination. You can get where you want to go by public transportation, the food's better. Can't say France has low crime, but you won't be shot dead in a restaurant. America's filled with identical chain stores. There are some interesting geographic features to see, but good luck getting there without renting a car and driving hundreds of miles with jet lag. You have to fly to get anywhere and the airline service can't even be called service.

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Think visas are difficult? Try getting a green card for your Japanese spouse of 40 years when American hubby decides to retire. My friend is dealing with that issue right now.

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You got a good point goddog. The visa system is nothing compare to the immigration system. It's about time for a comprehensive immigration reform.

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For national security, immigrant laws and international talent-pool attraction, foreigners may find easy or difficult in both cases of tourist visa or non-tourist visas. For Japanese visa system, U.S. citizens can stay at a max of 90 days.

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Captain Obvious always loses to Commander Paranoia, old story.

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American staff in US embassy in Tokyo is the most friendly, helpful and kind. I have only good words for them. But I hate the fingerprinting of foreigners in the USA. It is human humiliating. However, I love the staff of US embassy in Tokyo because they never treated me with prejudice or disrespect as members of EU countries.

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