Travel picks: Top 10 enchanting forests around the world


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I have been there and many other forest in Japan. It is definitely not the most enchanted forest in Japan... I have a hard time calling a forest... more like a walkway with a bamboo grove on two sides. Two forest that people should visit are Odaigahara in Nara and Yakushima in Kagoshima. If you want to see nature close to Kyoto City go to Atogoyama.

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These lists are always pretty much up to the whims of the author. The giant Sequoia forest in California is skipped, for example. As is Yakushima in Japan.

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Here's the actual post with the pictures JT didn't include:

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If you really want to experience breathtaking wilderness scenery, I recommend a trip along the north shore of Lake Superior in Canada. There are many campsites in provincial and national parks along the way. The 100 km stretch of the transCanada Highway 17 through the mountains from Nipigon to Terrace Bay looks out on the islands that will form Canada's newest National Park, the Lake Superior National Marine Preserve, the largest fresh water marine preserve in the world. I'm building a home there because it is the most beautiful (and the most empty of humans) vast wilderness area I have ever seen.

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And then there's the the Spirit Bear Preserve in the largest temperate rain forest on earth, on the coast of British Columbia, which of course you can't get to by road. But like commanteer says, these lists are only the judgment of the authors. And the giant sequoias of California are indeed magnificent - almost as big as the 1,000-year old cedars and Douglas firs on Vancouver Island and Haida G'waii. Yet, as Jim Poushinsky writes, northern Ontario is something to see, too - in autumn it beats anything Japan can offer, when it comes to rioting colours. There's nothing quite like the beauty of a virgin forest.

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How can they miss out the Lochs of Scotland, and the sweeping beauty of Glencoe? Or the breathtaking Cairngorms?

Rhubarb, sir... rhubarb!

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You might not think of it as forest, but what about the baobab trees in Madagascar?

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I believe that a week-long trekking along Milford Sound and Fiordland of South Island, New Zealand is the closest to heaven you can experience. Google it if you don't believe me ; )

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