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TripAdvisor 'failing to stop fake reviews': study


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Is anyone suprised by this news. TripAdvisor is a useless mix of fake and malicious 'reviews'.

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@Luddite, I understand your point but I have done quite a few reviews on TripAdvisor and none were fake or 'malicious.' Just the facts as seen from my viewpoint based on my experiences. In fact, I have a good amount of helpful votes.

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I've seldom contributed to TripAdvisor, but each instance referenced either a garden, museum or accommodation in Japan, where I've spent more than 40 weeks over the past eight years. And I'm a published travel writer and photographer. BUT, that said, I can understand how TripAdvisor is vulnerable to any troll out there who either wants to make money by lying, or worse. It's par for the course, with today's Internet. Sad, but true. If I want to research a place to visit, I'll of course go online, but it's not to seek opinion, just facts. Then I also check actual printed (current or past) publications for accurate information. It's all a matter of caveat emptor, nothing more, nothing less. Watch out for those government sites, too. As a former ad agency owner, I can attest to their penchance for flowery descriptions and over-the-top claims. All you have to do is look at the photos on those sites.

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