Trouble spots of 2011 work to woo back tourists


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I would LOVE to visit Japan as a tourist, but the cost of airfare alone is prohibitive unless I go in the Winter time. Those rumblings of 10000 round trip tickets were a brief light in the tunnel, but that plan appears to have fallen by the wayside as the costs of the Fukushima reactors incident became clearer. The government's going to need every yen they can scrape-up in order to start making a dent in the problems the earthquake/tsunami caused. Ah well. Maybe if I win the lottery....

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Between the yen and complete untrustworthiness of the Japanese government and TEPCO, it is no wonder tourist decide that now would be a better time to visit...oh...anywhere else. Way to go, Jgov & TEPCO.

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i wanna go but its to expensive >_<

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