U.S. senator wants government to set airline seat-size rules


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Couldn't agree more, got off the plane to the States a few hours ago. Too bad the airline lobbyists will kill any chance for this to become a law. Go Trump!

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Yeah, Go Trump, . . . straight to - - - -

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Shumer should just let the market control private enterprise. People can always vote with their feet (pun intended). We don't need more government in this case, we just need to let customers choose the airline they wish. If they choose to avoid an airline with very small legroom, so be it.

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If we are to be sardines, why not stack the seats so that they become like bunk beds somehow.

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The guy most likely has a private jet that he abuses and uses for everything, How about addressing how bad the air is since they banned smoking on planes. They use to require an air circulation system that could filter out the smoke and continuously circulate clean air, now that smoking has been banned those systems are no longer present on the planes causing stale, germ ridden air to just ferment in the plane.

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now that smoking has been banned those systems are no longer present on the planes causing stale, germ ridden air to just ferment in the plane.

Absolutely not. It's half fresh air, half filtered recirculated air.

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I think this needs to phrased as a safety issue more than a comfort issue. I will start off by saying that I am not that big of a person (158 cm and fit a small in US sizing) and I feel it is difficult to squeeze out of the narrow space seats into the narrow isles during a regular flight. If people are panicked, I think that these narrow rows could cause a very real hazard. It is time that there is reglulation to keep people aboard safe.

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As a free person, I set my own seat preference rules. If the airline I am looking at has tiny seats, I will look at using another. I of course expect that the less I pay, the smaller the seat I will get. Therefore, as I don't want the least or the smallest, I take the trouble to work hard and afford the means to pay for a larger seat.

I doubt the seats on Schumer's jets are very small, which is rather ironic as they cost him nothing. He can sit in a leather-wrapped luxury seat on a Gulfstream IV, while he tells his constituents he understands all about how they have to suffer when flying economy class.

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Cut-throat competition forces airlines to squeeze as many passengers as possible in the cabins. I remember the time, only a few decades ago, we paid more than three times the current rates for a return flight Japan-Europe. Pay that amount now and you can fly business class. Most passengers in economy class won't complain because they know they get what they pay for.

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I used to be able to get flights to NY round trip for $700. No way possible now, so I think prices have gone up and space down.

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