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UAL, Continental shareholders approve airline deal


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They're calling the new company United, which I think is a mistake. Continental always scored higher on customer satisfaction surveys and also had much better employee relations. UAL has lots of "baggage" and not the good kind.

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United happens to be the first part of the name of the country the company is based in. Like American and U.S. Air, they want be seen as waving the flag. (Continental, to some geographically challenged Americans, sounds like it's from Europe.) Of course the days when this sort of thing really mattered to travelers is long gone.

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Let me see, crap service from one company plus crap service from another company will end up making good service. Yeah, right? Now, with less competition, they can give you crappier service and at higher prices. Wonderful. And the regulators will gleefully approve yet another merger to DECREASE competition.

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Haha! United is a joke! This musician wrote some songs about his bad experience with the airline. They broke his guitar and gave him the runaround. Crap service is right!


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Well I for one don't fly on US-based airlines due to various circumstances - primarily the threat of terrorism against that nation. I'm happy with KLM, Air Canada and I won't hesitate to fly Qatar Airways or Emirates since I hear their service is AMAZING.

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"Well I for one don't fly on US-based airlines"

They won't miss you.

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KLM,Air Canada,Qatar Airways,Emerites no threat of terrorism? Think again.

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I for one, sounds like very old English, but anyways, Sarge seems to like it too, so here we go, I for one think both UAL and Continental SUCK CRAP, and this is not because they have old, hairy, fat ladies pushing the carts around, and not because the guy who was serving food while I slept farted in MY FACE, but for the many other horrible experiences that not I my self, but many other people I know have also experienced on these 2 airlines.

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More layoffs doesn't help the US economy. Only the big companies benefit.

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