UK to end all COVID-19 travel rules ahead of Easter break


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 the requirement that unvaccinated people be tested for COVID-19 before and after their arrivals,

I thought that holdouts like me were going to get kicked out of "polite society"

Looks like polite society wants people like me to rejoin.

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They have lost their minds.

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They have lost their minds.

We have simply seen through the BS. It's a cold, and we're not going to let it destroy our lives.

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This is utter madness.

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Wow, was it the UK who had a full lockdown, closed the pubs and cafes etc so the virus could not spread at all, realised the virus did not come out at night and was only attracted to alcohol, the country that bought vaccines, vaccinated the population, didnt give away vaccines until they were protected, the country where the politicians stood in line and didnt protect themselves first, the country had a plan, published months in advance that told its people how it intended to move on from the virus, reviewing it every month, the country that protected its workers, brought in testing, the same country whose economy is now growing?

And now they have decided to return to normal...amazing

So i agree Luddite, its utter maddnes, they should copy Japan, be clueless, take an opinion poll, make rash decisions with no warning, ban the entire world from entering the country, be overwhelmed when allowing only Japanese to enter, have no hospital places available even though the variant is much milder....madness.

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