United Airlines launches Premier Line fast track service


United Airlines has launched Premier Line, a new service which provides priority access to three types of specially reserved lines that offer customers convenience at check-in, security and boarding, including boarding for connecting flights. Prices for the Premier Line Service start from $25.

“When we asked our customers what travel services are most important to them, they told us that access to priority lines was something they value highly,” said Dennis Cary, senior vice president and chief marketing and customer officer. “Premier Line provides convenient access to fast-track lines and is another choice for our customers to customize their own travel experience.”

Premier Line is available in the U.S. at United’s five hub airports – Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington Dulles – and at 9 other airports, including Boston, New York LaGuardia, and Seattle. It may be purchased at when booking a ticket, while checking-in online, or anytime through the “My Itineraries” page at The option will also be available in the coming weeks at United’s airport kiosks.

United’s Premier Line service is offered to a limited number of customers each hour based on time of departure. Elite Mileage Plus members will continue to enjoy complimentary access to priority lines as they have in the past.

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I'll be impressed when United reconfigures economy class so that normal sized adults can sit without having their knees jammed up against the seat in front.

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I'll be impressed when United hires back some of its employees, and doesn't make me: search the schedule as agents used to do; buy the ticket as agents used to do; check myself in, like airport personnel used to do; buy my mid-flight beer, which used to be free; provide my own headsets; provide my own pillow; & everything United is shafting us out of.

Sarge, I sprang for the extra couple of bills for economy-plus. On a trans-ocean flight, it was well worth it.

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United Premier isn't much of a superior service. I've been in plenty of Premier lines that moved no faster than the regular line. They'd have one employee handing the 20% of passengers who were Premier or higher, and four employees who handled the non-Premier or higher 80%.

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just fly someone else.

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The lounge at Narita is well worth it. Even if it costs 10,000 miles to upgrade to Busuness Class. Free snacks, drinks, WiFi and comfort from the masses outside. And the seats in Business are great.

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do they charge you more for each bag than they do normally? United is becoming a joke. Their lounge is good if you need to work but I find the Narita concourse amusing enough that I don't need to lounge much. Guess that's just me.

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Yeah, but the lounge has comfortable seating and free drinks! Great place to spend the 4-1/2 hour layover waiting for the flight to Hawaii. No need to spend $5 per beer on the concourse. And United still has two free checked baggage on international flights. So does ANA on flights connecting to international flights.

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So whe will United launch some half-decent customer service and flight-attendants?

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