United Continental and ANA launch trans-Pacific joint venture


United Continental Holdings and ANA have launched their trans-Pacific joint venture, through which United Airlines and Continental Airlines may coordinate sales and marketing with ANA and improve benefits offered to each airline’s frequent flyers.

Through the joint venture, enabled by the U.S.-Japan Open Skies agreement and antitrust immunity granted by U.S. and Japanese regulators, the airlines can now align schedules, fares, and terms and conditions.

“By forging this closer cooperation with our partner airlines in the Star Alliance, we will significantly enhance our ability to serve trans- Pacific customers and offer new choice and convenience for passengers,” said Shinichiro Ito, president and CEO of ANA.

The additional fare and schedule options will offer customers more choices and seamless booking on itineraries that combine U.S. flight segments on United or Continental; trans-Pacific segments on ANA, United or Continental flights; and flights within Japan on ANA.

The trans-Pacific joint venture connects 295 U.S. cities, 43 Japanese cities, and 11 routes between the two countries with nearly 120 flights per week. The carriers also are coordinating fares and schedules for travel to and from certain other points in Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

United Mileage Plus and Continental OnePass frequent-flyer members will now receive the same mileage accrual benefits on ANA that they receive on United and Continental flights.

Similarly, ANA Mileage Club members now receive the same mileage accrual benefits on United and Continental as they receive on ANA.

Additionally, elite-level members of the United, Continental and ANA frequent-flyer programs can accumulate bonus miles on any United, Continental or ANA flight.

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it is good news for frequent fliers of all partners. With this new joint-venture, all partners can increase a volume of passengers on each flight. ANA has reputation of in-flight services.

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United/Continental is perhaps the best customer service orientated company I've seen in action. Being stranded at Narita during the Earthquake disaster I saw first-hand their ability to communicate and adapt to a crisis situation. This made me very jealous being booked on Air Canada and having to stay in the airport with no communication from them. Any press out there want a good story?

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United should start flying from KIX to LAX again! its so inconvienent to fly from KIX to SFO to LAX.

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I was always getting ANA miles credted to my United Mileage Plus account.

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You could always get ANA miles on your UAL Mileage Plus account. It will be news when ANA allows upgrades for Mileage Plus, or if they increase the flight to HNL to more than one a day. For the past several years, its been packed to capacity. And if you've ever seen how UAL's gate personnel handle Chinese tourists, you would be terribly embarrassed. I know they lack Chinese speaking employees but that's no excuse to be rude and crass. This has been a long standing problem.

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"trans-Pacific joint venture" ???

Sounds like a euphemism for price fixing.

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With a UA mileage card it used to be that taking flights on ANA only accrued something like 70% of the miles you would get on UA and no elite bonus miles. Now it appears we will get 100% of the flight miles, plus the elite bonus, e.g. another 100% for gold-level members. That's quite a difference.

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