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United to require minimum stays for nearly all domestic flights starting in Oct


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no one buys tickets one way in America. That is truly a Japanese thing. One way fares are almost the same as round trip.

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United and US Airways last week joined American Airlines in charging passengers $15 to check their first piece of luggage.

That is completely outrageous. Who travels with their life in a tote bag? And by new flight rules you cant have any bathroom stuff in it. Basically, they are charging you $15 for something that your ticket should pay for in the first place. That is basically extortion.

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If oil gets much more expensive they'll have to bring back zeppelins.

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Basically you'll have to pay more if you don't want to stay. One of the example routes was Minneapolis to Chicago. There are a lot of business travelers who do day trips between the two cities. Leave in the morning, have your meeting, come back in the evening. Both Northwest and United have 10+ flights daily. If Northwest doesn't follow suite United is going to lose a business to them.

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This article is pooorly written. Travelers will still be able to buy tickets without minimum stays but will be paying a premium for them. It will punish the business travelers mostly. Should the $15/bag fee be included in the ticket price. Lots of the business travelers who are being hit by the new policy don't have any checked baggage. It would be a double whammy to hit them up on that. Fuel surcharges is where the airlines are really exploiting the customers now. JAL just announced a $1000 fuel surcharge on top of the ticket price for its Sydney-London route.

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The worst airlines I have flown are USA based airlines... service anyone? its not just a word.

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