U.S. considers banning laptops on all flights into and out of the country


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The blind leading the clueless?

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Well, it should be all or nothing. The move in March targeting 10 airports sure seemed like a naked attempt to stifle Gulf airline competition. And god knows US airlines need all the competition they can get. That a disgraced fool like Munoz is still holding forth about the industry speaks volumes.

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If a laptop contains a bomb, how is it any safer to have that laptop in the hold rather than in the cabin? Surely they should ban all laptops from all parts of the aeroplane? As it's only the battery in the laptop that stores energy perhaps they will require the battery to be removed. That means all the Apple laptops will be banned as the batteries are glued into those.

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Things that make you go: BOOM.

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Ummm ... isn't all carry-on luggage already scanned before boarding ?

(or is this an admission that the scanners they use only detect knives etc and not explosive residues ?)

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And slowly, but surely, the terrorists are winning.

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The more things they ban, the more they admit their security is lacking.

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What are those business travelers going to use then? I wonder how many percentage of the laptop sale into the business world is laptop for business travelers? And, possibly push business into cloud computing faster. Once it is on cloud, you can simply use any tablet and most people will just either use Android or iPad. Microsoft should be lobbying US government hard now.

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We just want to give the TCA better opportunities and more valuable property to steal out of the luggage of travelers. Since expensive cameras are more rare now, we have to make up the difference somehow or it will be even harder to find employees of the quality which TCA seems to prefer.

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Laptops in the hold cannot be specifically placed near the key areas to prevent a plane from being knocked out of the sky. Plus many airlines put baggage into containers before placing them into the hold, further reducing the impact from a small explosion in a laptop.

In a cabin, someone could place a laptop between the outer walls and seat and direct the blast outwards.

Scanning machines use density to guess what something is. Moldable explosives have a similar density as peanut butter on those scans and there are many, many, false positives.

There are a million people in the air at any time (100,000 flights a day), that's a million people inconvenienced for the sake of "security" every hour of every day, everywhere in the world.

Security is trying to stop 100 attacks a year by terrorist. In 2016, 271 people died due to airplane crashes. In 2015, it was over 400. That's a bunch of wasted time for millions and millions of people on the tiny, tiny, tiny, chance of an attack.

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One traveler reacted by saying, 'Well, what am I supposed to do on a 10 hour flight?" What did people do when instant communication didn't exist? Maybe sleep, read a real book printed on paper, watch a airline movie, and try disconnecting from the internet. are just a few possibilities. A traveler is not the most significant person and the information flowing to or from him/her really isn't important to everyone else who thinks his/her information is so important the recipients must know the information. Instant memory of what others say disappears because the traveler's information is absolutely what everyone needs to know.

Airlines invested millions to provide internet access to passengers. The next plan is to charge a rental fee for something like a Chromebook with no memory AND internet on-board access. Another goldmine after the extra baggage and carry-on charge.

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Wow! There must be a lot of whites, blacks, latinos and asians joining ISIS?

Why not just ban all flights?

The only way to stop terrorism is to have the mother of all battles and fight it out to one winner, or get out. Costa Rica don't seem to have this problem.

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