ANA to resume flights to Hawaii in October for 1st time in 6 months


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@Novenachama: It's just a silly comment isn't it? It's just two flights on 787's to get students and some people with essential business back there. who probably have property there anyway. It's clearly NOT a tourist flight. Why don't you read the article properly?

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@Novenachama: I do fully understand the situation. My Boss is stuck there. But your post is utter nonsense - clearly tourists are going there as nothing is open. Not ALL business can be conducted online and some students may wish to return to their own homes IN Hawaii to study online. As far as I'm aware Hawaii is only open to U.S. passport holders and certain visa holders in any case. I don't believe for one minute that anyone will be visiting for fun. But some movement is necessary and I very much doubt that ANA will be making these flights thinking about the bottom line! Its hardly like they are going to fly the A380 there, is it? Where does your anger come from?

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With Japanese passengers only?

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@THE RESIDENT: You don't seem to understand that Hawaii Department of Transportation has stated that travelers are strongly urged to postpone any trips to Hawaii period. Also what person is going to study abroad when all classes are online. There is a stay at home order and all non-essential businesses are closed. Many people are able to conduct business online. Locals don't want outsiders now. You have no idea at all about the covid 19 situation in Hawaii.

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@THE RESIDENT@ I said many businesses can be conducted online. I did not say all business can be conducted online. This is the second shut down. Most students have already returned home way before the second shut down. Flights were always available from before, however it was not a direct flight. You had to go the San Francisco first. Now this has nothing to do with anger. What you don't understand is the local people don't want outsiders traveling to Hawaii. They are not welcomed now. Some sign are even posted. That is how they really feel. I have many friends that live there and that how they truly feel. They feel very uncomfortable. It's a small island and you have to respect them. Maybe they are paranoid. Also I would never tell anyone that what they blog is silly or nonsense. If I disagree that's what I would say. I disagree or have a different opinion etc.

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THE RESIDENT@ Perhaps if a state of emergency was declared earlier and all international travel in and out of Hawaii was suspended it might have been a different story. It's quite clear that the coronavirus was introduced by tourists. There is a stigma and maybe that is why the local people have such strong feelings. They are scared. They have a right to feel the way they do. You and I do have different opinions concerning ANA to resume flights and that is Ok. You don't agree with me and I don't agree with you. I understand where you are coming from and maybe you may not understand where I am coming from. But that is fine. We are both busy and have more important things to do. So I will end this discussion. Thank you.

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What a poor business decision. Hawaii is in the red zone now, the highest risk. The shut down now is also going to be extended for two weeks. When you arrive a 14-day quarantine is required. Who is going to stay in a hotel for 14 days. The local people don't want any tourist visiting now because the clusters are spreading. Recently the Director of Health and the Director of Safety decided to retire. For now Waikiki is a ghost town. They should wait until things settle down before bringing back the tourists.

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