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Ureshino Onsen: Take a dip in a hot spring in Saga Prefecture

By Elizabeth Sok

Tucked away in the southwestern part of Saga Prefecture, Ureshino is a small town known for its onsen (hot springs) and green tea. Famed for the waters that run beneath its surface and harnessed into the town’s hot springs, Ureshino has long been synonymous with high-quality onsen.

Alongside Kitsuregawa in Tochigi Prefecture and Hinokamiso Onsen Okuizumi-cho in Shimane Prefecture, Ureshino has earned a reputation as one of the top three hot spring areas for beautifying your skin due to the high concentration of sodium bicarbonate in its alkaline waters. According to many visitors, these waters will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and rejuvenated.

The town has many onsens to choose from including ones for pay-per-use and others for overnight stay only, as well as a variety of outdoor and indoor hot springs.


The iconic red roof Photo: PIXTA/ kazukiatuko

One of the most famous onsen is Siebold-No-Yu which is named after a German doctor and scientist who visited the area in the early 19th century. While researching Japanese flora, Siebold took a break in Ureshino and sampled the onsen, taking note of the incredible waters in which he soaked.

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Saga has to be the most boring prefecture in the whole of Japan. Its saving grace is that it is easy to get to Fukuoka/Nagasaki/Kumamoto from there.

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Saga has to be the most boring prefecture in the whole of Japan.

I remember reading that article here a while ago that said Saga was the most boring prefecture. Couldn't have disagreed with it more. I find concrete jungles like Osaka and Tokyo to be supremely boring. Unless you want to go shopping there isn't much to do. Saga has the ocean, mountains and forests, space and fresh air. If you need more than that to have fun then your brain has been rotted by flashing lights in the big city where you can only have fun if you are spending money and consuming something. Anything good that Tokyo or Osaka has to offer (food and alcohol) you can enjoy in Saga and not have to deal with the crowds or filth.

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