Virgin Atlantic to implement new baggage policy


Virgin Atlantic is changing its baggage policy. From Nov 25, the airline will introduce a "piece system" across its network for all tickets booked after that date.

The new system means that Economy passengers will be able to check in 1 bag weighing up to 23 kilos. Premium Economy passengers will be able to check in 2 bags each weighing up to 23 kilos. Upper Class passengers will be able to check in up to 3 bags each weighing up to 23 kilos.

The airline will also continue to offer one of the airline industry’s most generous sporting bag allowances, enabling all passengers to check-in one additional bag weighing up to 23 kilos that contains sporting equipment, such as a golf bag, scuba diving equipment, or ski equipment.

In addition, Flying Club Gold Card holders are entitled to take one additional bag on top of their free allowance, in any cabin. If traveling in Upper Class, this means Gold Card passengers can check-in up to four bags.

Passengers wanting to check-in extra bags will pay for each piece, with each extra bag costing 32 pounds/$48 if paid for online. Higher charges will apply at airport check-in.

Any passenger holding a ticket booked and ticketed before Nov 25 will be entitled to Virgin Atlantic’s existing baggage allowance. Any bags weighing over 32 kilos will not be accepted.

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So - as I flew Virgin Atlantic at 6 months pregnant and packed two bags with a combined weight of 23 kgs because I didn`t want to injure myself lifting one heavy bag - that means I would be charged the 32 quid???!

Sorry Virgin - unless you make allowances for passengers with special needs this is pretty outrageous.

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Its not virgin airlines idea only lower level of thinking in name of logistic, if possible decesion should be made on basis of human beigns weight. Those people who are more than 80kg. and getting of 23 kg. prefernce and those who are below of 60 kg. Same rate should not applicabel in airlines why not charge fuel cost extra for them becasue this passanger are overweight and fare should not equal Where is government?May be sleeping?Whcih fare made by logistic department of IATA?Why eticket became more expensive now days without making old custom tickets?It should more cheapest.

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Airlines see declines in travel and yet keep up with trying to penny their way to more profits. Just like most other modern cultures, they only care about what their stocks are doing and how the stock holders view things. Values like service, premier treatment of all customers.

We live in a world with First Class and Ordinary Class defining more and more of our lives. We spent the 19th century throwing off the yoke of gentry and upperclasses only to have the corporate world try to usher it back in. I say give them a clear message. Treat normal customers well or go to hell, we won't use your services and we WILL put you out of business.

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so i can submit extra bag and say it has sports equipment?

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tkoind2: you'll still use their services or just stop traveling.

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No. I will use competitors who have not adopted such policies. As with my upcoming vacation.

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If we roll over for every dig that corporations give us then eventually we will have nothing but crap cheap services for everything we pay for. At some point we have to say, ok, no vacation this year by plane because we want to boycot airlines for their policies. If enough of us do this, I guarantee you that the airlines will tread backwards trying to get our business again.

But consumers have to put selfish short term interests aside in favor of long term better interests for all consumers. We have the power if we can be bothered to use it.

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Charge people by their weight and the weight of their baggage.

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Why is this price quoted in dollars? Does this only apply to the flights in or to the US? Virgin is a British company, so why not use pounds? £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££

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dammit: what are pounds?

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dammit it mentions sterling and dollar price.

The current policy my agent told when I booked for next week is 23kg and it does not mention the number of bags which is good for me as I need to take a suit carrier as well as normal luggage.

I think the new policy is still better than most other airlines and reasonably priced.

A quick google delivered this to support my claim:

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