Virgin Atlantic to increase fuel charge based on cabin location


Virgin Atlantic has decided to raise its fuel tax in proportion to the three classes. Economy class will receive the smallest increase, while premium economy and upper class seats will be charged a higher fee.

"Our upper class and premium economy passengers benefit from considerably more space on our aircraft and larger baggage allowances than our economy passengers, so our aircraft burn more fuel to carry them. We believe that economy passengers should pay lower fuel charges than passengers in our two premium cabins as their carbon footprint is around half of those seated towards the front of the plane, said Steve Ridgway, Chief Executive of Virgin Atlantic.

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Last time I checked, flying extra leg room across the world doesn't use more fuel.

Anyway, are the plebs in economy supposed to feel grateful that their fares are going up slightly less than Mr. Fat Cat Big Wig/Cheese.

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Whoever flies with them in Economy must be mad anyway.... never experienced such poor service as on Virgin. BA ist better and of course JAL or ANA are miles better. And during my flight back, when I asked if there might be an emergency exit for a tall person like me, I was told: Yes, if you pay extra for it we can give you one!" - course i refused and instead managed to move to a still free seat after takeoff.

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better and of course JAL or ANA are miles better.

you are having a laugh arn`t you?? You are talking about Virgin Atlantic and not Virgin Australia right?

Have always had great service with irgin Atlantic to London 5 times a year and would fly them over JAL any day and would pay more for it.

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My wife uses virgin between JP/UK and seems to find it good value and shes typically Japanese and very picky on service. I have used ANA the last few times but thats for mileage purposes....its still better than JAL, which I find abit rubbish (the planes are in poor condition and the toilets are hardly cleaned during the flight. for the fuel charge apportioned between the classes, can we get a retrospective discount on economy flights with Virgin? logic implies that they've been over charging economy passengers since day 1? (yes this is tongue in cheek)

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These airlines should have a total weight allowance: weigh the passenger and their luggage. The lard buckets would have to pay more, but that might encourage them to improve their diets, thus benefitting their health.

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Thats a crock!Talk about ripping off the people!

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Misleading headline. Not cabin location, but class of ticket.

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What a weird strategy and poor excuse to raise prices.

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The kind of people who use buisness/first class are last who would care about a couple hundred more dollars on their airfare.

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Well, a quick check on JAL's aircraft show that they are getting a tad long in the tooth, and are questionably maintained. Yo, Richard, I'll fly with you anyday!

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I would say this is a better strategy than billing passengers $15 for the first checked bag. But my understanding is that airlines make the most profit off business and first classes, so they might not want to pluck the goose that lays the golden egg.

Either way I can only afford an upgrade if the company is paying for it...

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Hughgarse, I AM talking about Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic. Certainly good for business class, but economy...come on!

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