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Visa study: 97% of Asia Pacific travelers opt to go cashless when traveling


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Always use cash in shops unless it’s I put cash on my ICOCA. I don’t like this no cash, reliant on apps lark.

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Everything was nice during holiday until realized that card is being skimmed by criminal

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VISA would never be biased in their own study. Never.

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Reads like an ad for visa. Isn't the Jgov banning that? Plus I'd consider the title to be misleading. I use cash either directly or via Suica. A debit card is a useful back up, but there are always fees. Cash is the default that everyone accepts.

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There are more outlets that do not accept cash.

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Use cash all the time in Japan and Asia as I don’t want any surprises and like to account for my spending.

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Aside from more or less people using cash or not, this read like a major plug for Visa.

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I've gone cashless pretty much. The only place I seem to need to it these days at my Local Ramen shop. Some Restaurants in Tokyo don't even accept cash anymore. I'm Debit card/ID/Mobile Suica/Credit Card based, probably in that order. I still keep at least 30k on me at all times though and cash in the safe at home. One day the Earthquake will come.

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Using credit cards when travelling overseas is certainly convenient, you don't have to bother with the hassle of exchanging cash for local currency.

But there are drawbacks- it's easy to spend more than you planned, most CC charge a currency conversion fee, and if you didn't let your issuing bank know in advance that you would be travelling, they may lock your card when you try to use it in another country.

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Regular, repeated business trips sure, but there are places that only accept cash, so it's only logical to bring a bit of both when on a less frequent taken course.

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