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Visit Mount Sanbe in autumn for best views, natural hot springs and a fun day outdoors

By Laura Payne

Rising dramatically from surrounding grasslands, Mount Sanbe is a “family” of ancient volcanic peaks, which include Osanbe (Man Sanbe), Mesanbe (Woman Sanbe), Kosanbe (Child Sanbe) and Magosanbe (Grandchild Sanbe). Osanbe reaches 1,126 meters above sea level, making it one of the tallest peaks in Shimane Prefecture. Locals and travelers alike visit Sanbe throughout the year to join a plethora of seasonal activities, including hiking, camping, hot spring bathing and autumn leaf viewing.

Mount Sanbe also plays an important role in Shimane’s creation mythology, making it a local cultural treasure.

Mythological Origins

They say the Shinto god Yatsukamizuomizunu formed Mount Sanbe. Image: iStock/ KS BioGeo

According to the Izumo no Kuni Fudoki (a record of regional geography, traditions and myths compiled in the 8th century), a god named Yatsukamizuomizunu formed Mount Sanbe. Believing the land of Izumo (what is now eastern Shimane) was too small, he pulled some unused land from the Korean Peninsula across the sea with ropes. He then fastened the new land to Izumo with stakes. These stakes became Mount Sanbe and Mount Daisen (in Tottori Prefecture). This story explains the shape of the Shimane Peninsula, which is connected to the prefecture by rope-like land bridges.

Mountain Climbing

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