The new lobby lounge of The Westin Tokyo Photo: The Westin Tokyo

Westin Tokyo refurbishes lobby, international restaurant


The Westin Tokyo in Ebisu has renewed its lobby lounge, The Lounge and international restaurant, The Terrace aimed offering a more enhanced and comfortable stay environment and elevating the overall hotel experience. The hotel said the concept of this renewal is "Heritage and Reinvigoration."

Marking its first major makeover since its opening in 1994, the hotel seeks to transform into an urban wellness hotel by evolving for the future. As The Westin Tokyo approaches its 30th anniversary in 2024, it aspires to offer a one-of-a-kind experience for every guest, respecting diverse values.

The Lobby Lounge, with its 10-meter-high atrium supported by marble columns, offers a sense of openness. The Orangery, an inner garden bathed in light, is the theme of this new space, where the lush greenery of the Westin Garden outside of the large windows and the dignified elegant style of the interior blend together to create a beautiful harmony. At The Lounge, which has become more integrated with the garden, visitors can enjoy the changing seasons; the view of flowing water, and the passage of time as felt through the movement of light.

The refurbished Terrace restaurant Photo: The Westin Tokyo

The Terrace undergoes a transformation into a place that better embodies Westin's commitment to wellbeing, including the concept of Eat Well, and serves as a touchpoint for guests to experience the evolution of the "urban wellness hotel." The "9 DNAs" from cuisine to interior design create a gentle food experience for the mind and body, people and the earth. seamlessly with the lobby and lounge. With abundant water and greenery, the essence of Ebisu's original landscape as the key concept, the interior and exterior are dynamically connected. The space is characterized by an open, light-filled atmosphere with greenery at its center.

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Looks like a very nice hotel, with high ceiling spaces . . . . I wonder how they keep those high areas clean . . . .

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The Westin Tokyo is overpriced with no respect for the customer and bad service.

the socalled Chinese restaurant is a complete rip off.

the only good thing about it is the cigar shop.

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It looks very nice indeed. But they are overcooking the pudding a bit with the '9 DNAs' and 'urban wellness' stuff. 'The interior and exterior are dynamically connected' or nobody would be able to get in.

Lose the meaningless gush and point out that the wooden and glass panels echo traditional Japanese sliding panel construction with a modern twist.

Pro tip for advertisers in general. We have all heard 'mindfulness', 'wellbeing', 'wellness' and similar terms spouted by government and state media enough to have grown to hate them. There are trends to follow and trends to avoid.

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