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Which is more useful, a guidebook or a travel app?

By Fritz Faerber

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Definitely a guidebook. The names of places are often written in the local language, so asking for directions or taking a taxi is much easier.

I always buy a new guidebook before I travel overseas. I may look like a tourist, but I get where I'm going.

Technology is nice, but it's not the answer to everything.

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App. They can be updated, unlike travel books which require a new edition. They can tap into a phone's internet/GPS capabilities. Also, if you're looking at a phone, you look like a person looking at a phone. If you're looking at a guidebook, you look like a tourist, and in many country tourist=mark to be taken advantage of. Also if you're using an app, that's one less thing you have to carry with you everyday.

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The problem with Lonely Planet is that it has become too popular. It recommends quiet and remote places, but as soon as they are recommended by Lonely Planet, they become crowded and noisy. Lonely Planet tells you where you should have gone five years ago. Many of the recommended places also feel that they no longer have to care about customers because they will get the business anyway.

Lonely Planet is good for background information, but not up-to-date information.

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I would prefer apps just because of the weight issue. I don't like to tear pages out of books, and who wants to carry around something so heavy on a trip? However, with apps comes the constant problem of running out of battery. Iphone/touch has notoriously bad battery life. There is also the issue of that someone would have to own an iphone just to use the app, and a lot of people do not.

Books would seem to be better, but until they make them contain the same information without the weight, it's inconvenient to carry them around.

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i depend on apps and technology before go, but still guidebook can come in to handy anywhere during the trip. book need no battery to run after all.

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