Worried about flying on a 737 Max? Your options may be few


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Heck, you could be worried about flying on any plane, there are so many moving parts, any of which could fail.

It is safe to assume that most airline passengers have no idea what model of plane they are booked on, or whether it is a Boeing, an Airbus, or something else. Even after they board the plane.

People are too busy fiddling with their phones and iPads to take notice of these things, lol.

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No worries here, as a former Aircraft Maintenance Technician I can tell you after the 737 Max is returned to service it will probably be one of the safest aircraft to actually be flying due to the additional training and oversight. Just my thoughts.


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I will never fly the Max. Period.

Advice from a 30 years experienced captain of my friends!

This aircraft is just completely unbalanced to be managed by a standard pilot crew.

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Serrano, the difference is that there's an intrinsic flaw in the fundamental design of the plane. That's different to relying on normal maintenence to catch any standard operating wear and tear.

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A couple of interesting articles

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Of course, there is one fail-safe strategy for travelers who are determined to avoid the Boeing plane: "If you really want to be absolutely sure, you can fly on an airline that doesn't have any MAXes," said Hudson, the passenger advocate.

Unfortunately, due to the hub system in the US where one airline can often dominate the operations of an entire airport, this may be difficult or impossible. My local airport in the States is something like 90% American Airlines flights, and most of the flights are from other airlines traveling to and from their own hubs. In this kind of case, consumer choice is in fact very limited.

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Excuse me, I meant to say that most of the other flights are from other airlines traveling to and from their own hubs.

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Do we even have a choice? I thought most airlines fly only one type of plane on a given route.

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Like everybody I wish they replace the Max with a better version, etc... But the avoidance is irrational.

Statistically, it's safer to be a passenger of the Max than of the uber taking you to the airport. And the combo doesn't affect at all your much more significant chances of dying of a cancer or cardio vascular disease. People put less energy to push themselves over lifestyle changes to lower mortality that than they do to blame Boeing to improve their planes.

"You should indicate that you're fearful of this plane and it would be better for everybody....You don't want a flyer who is panicked and causing problems on the flight."

Paranoiacs need not flying. If they are trapped in a typhoon aftermath, they should wave a flag to indicate to the rescue helicopter "I fly only Airbus" so no time is lost on them.

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