TV team: Suchet, Poirot paired for 25 years


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Suchet really is perfect. He IS Poirot.

British TV achieves a very high standard.

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began on PBS with “The Big Four” on July 27 and, on Aug 3, “Dead Man’s Folly.” The episodes will be available the next day at British TV streaming service www.Acorn.TV and on Roku and other platforms, followed by Acorn TV’s exclusive presentation of three more new episodes.

and how and when will this be available to us in Japan?

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Can't remember on which channel, but I have seen the final episode, right here in Japan. Think it was during the New Years holidays. Must have been one of those rare instances then, that we weren't last. They've been airing it for years on NHK, AXN Mystery and Channel Ginga. Channel Ginga has been showing Poirot every week and starting August 3rd, they will be showing Poirot daily for the whole month. Don't watch that much tv, but Poirot, Joan Hickson's Miss Marple and Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes never ever seem to get boring.

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Here's another way you can get the series:


Shop around and I'm sure you can find it cheaper.

It's worth having because they are so well done, they can be watched several times.

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**DAVID SUCHET 's my perfect Poirot . When I 've been watching 'them' I just was hypnotised like. All the detailes were important. I liked Aghata Christie 's sequels and I'm quite sure Suchet iis the best choice. CONGRATULATIONS and LONG LASTING LUCK!

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Thank you Bertie and Forzaducati. I really enjoy the David Suchet Poirot series. I am wondering when and where we'll get these new episodes (which haven't aired anywhere yet and won't be on DVD yet, either). This article gives us the air dates for the USA and Britain, but not Japan. (which is weird, as the site is called "Japan" Today.)

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Those episodes are all available on DVD from Amazon.

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My wife loves the show and, although I don't much care for most TV, I find them quite good.

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Brit TV is overrated.

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