20 years after suicide, Kurt Cobain still fascinates


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Dopers do not fascinate me! The inevitable result of their idiocy is death, and they know it. I don't care.

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Kurt's life was a tragedy, beginning with events that led to the break-up of his parents when he was a young child. Like so many other children who experience overwhelming stress, he never received help to heal this trauma, and it affected him to his untimely death by suicide. He was a strong advocate for human rights and obviously cared deeply about others, but could not live with himself because of his childhood, and drugs only gave him temporary relief from this pain. For more information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurt_Cobain

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'Dopers do not fascinate me!'

That rules out many of the greatest music stars such as Charlie Parker, Ray Charles, Lou Reed, Keith Richards and Jimmy Page ( Elvis, Dylan, Lennon, Pete Townshend were known to enjoy more than a little dabble too ). This is not to mention many great writers, composers and artists too. Do you dismiss them all?

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I think a better question would be "Who killed Kurt Cobain?"


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@edbardoe-if u don't care why take the time to comment on this thread? Personally, I don't care what fascinates u!!Kurt is a legend and Nirvana's music will live on long after we're gone.. So I guess then he/they fascinate a great many others!!

@John- yep that is the great mystery..??

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