Whirlwind tour through the world of beef


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eating the cow you have raised.....is today alien and almost uncomfortably intimate.


This is one book I will be rushing out not to buy.

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Can I send you a copy as a present? :)

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Just noticed that the aussies are gouging beef prices since the problem of Japanese beef came up in Miyazaki. Need to import more US beef.

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Aussie steak succks. US steak is juicy. Japanese steak is dangerous, and soon there will be no more cloven animals left in Japan. Does the book have a lot of good clear pictures? I want to scan them and post them on Japanese Meat Pages.

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Say goodbye to tough grass fed Aussie beef Japan.

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Does he include any slaughterhouse pictures? So he can present the full 'World of Beef?'

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I find interesting that some people still talk like the US beef exported to J is the high quality steak tasted by a canadian on these book. Is like compare a Steak House with Yoshinoya.

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My basketball coach always told us to say beef as we shot.

Balance Eyes Elbow Followthrough

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no way! my basketball coach did the same. What a useful mnemonic! Don`t eat the stuff myself, after I moved from our farm, store-bought beef tasted like someone deficated on it. Never went back to beef after that. Not even "wagyu" could coax me from my withdraw.

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store-bought beef tasted like someone deficated on it.

There's a reason for that. Current regulations allow fecally contaminated poultry and meat to be passed at inspection, as long as the feces are not “visible” to the naked eye.


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