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Woody Allen dislikes own films, but won't retire


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At least he admits it.

I've never liked even one of his efforts.

You have to give him credit for being honest.

That alone deserves applause.

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I understand how people get sucked into his movies. Its like a train wreck. You cannot take your eyes off it. In the process of so many conversations in his movies diving way too deeply, some interesting points and commentary on life are to be found. But mostly his movies just grate on nerves. But hey, a lot of people are serious masochists, and they probably love his movies for grating on their nerves!

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I don't really "like" anything about him. I never did, and then, that thing with his adopted stepdaughter, really clinched it. Seems creepy.

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His films can be quite hit or miss but for a guy who makes on average one film a year what do you expect? I love Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Match Point and Scoop and I hope he makes another movie with Scarlett.

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