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Be Well-Falls

Lower your risk of falling as you get older with these simple steps


One in four older adults in the U.S. will fall each year, putting them at risk of injury, broken bones and even death. Falls are a growing public health concern as the country's population sees record numbers of people turn 65 — now and in the future. But common as… Read


Government benefits for having children in Japan

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With financial incentives, free services and benefits on the horizon, Japan has parents with children covered from birth to high school. If you’re thinking of having children, are pregnant, or already have little and not-so-little ones around the home, check out our overview of the benefits offered to families with children… Read


Global fossil fuel use, emissions hit records in 2023, report says


Global fossil fuel consumption and energy emissions hit all-time highs in 2023, even as fossil fuels' share of the global energy mix decreased slightly on the year, the industry's Statistical Review of World Energy report said on Thursday. Growing demand for fossil fuel despite the scaling up of renewables could… Read


Booking.com sounds alarm on AI-enabled travel scams


As travelers rush to book their summer getaways, Booking.com's internet safety boss says watch out for supercharged AI scams. Marnie Wilking, Chief Information Security Officer at the Netherlands-based travel giant, said generative AI had sparked an explosion in online phishing scams, and that the hospitality industry, long spared, had also… Read


Poisonous blowfish instant ramen on the way from Cup Noodle’s Nissin


Fugu (blowfish) tends to be pretty expensive in Japan. One reason is that it’s considered a classy delicacy, with pricing to match. The other is that fugu is poisonous, and can kill you if it’s not prepared correctly. But fugu flavor is on the way in a very accessible and wallet-friendly… Read

New Products

Ice Head will keep you cool all summer long


It’s been predicted that summer in Japan this year will be the hottest one yet. With that in mind, we’ll all need to be more strategic with spending time outdoors. Heat exhaustion is a common symptom of dehydration through excessive sweating and sun exposure. If left untreated, it could lead… Read


Super-rich may quit UK over Labour plans for inheritance taxes on trusts


Private banks and advisers to Britain's super-rich say some clients may quit the country if Labour wins next month's general election and pushes ahead with plans to abolish tax protections on offshore wealth they wanted to pass to future generations. Keir Starmer's Labour Party, which leads in the opinion polls… Read


Tips for first-time property buyers in Japan


Most foreigners in Japan rent, but an increasing number are staying long-term and looking to put down roots. However, buying real estate as a foreigner can be complex. The information in this article is based on first-hand experience and aims to clarify the processes and provide ballpark figures for costs.… Read


With defense pledge, Putin makes shift toward North Korea


Vladimir Putin, on his first visit to North Korea in 24 years, signed a mutual defense pledge with Kim Jong Un on Wednesday, underscoring just how far Russia has recast its relations with the only country to test a nuclear weapon this century. Putin, who is locked into a major… Read


'Meaty rice'? South Korean professor aims to change how the world eats


In a small laboratory in Seoul, a team of South Korean scientists are injecting cultured beef cells into individual grains of rice, in a process they hope could revolutionize how the world eats. From helping prevent famines to feeding astronauts in space, team leader and professor Hong Jin-kee believes his… Read

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