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Uniqlo’s new 'communist dictator' jacket has Japanese commenters confused and snickering


Japan is a country of starkly distinct seasons, and so the changeover from winter to spring is always one that people look forward to. And it’s not just the blooming of the cherry blossoms that signals the start of spring, but also the flowering of fashion, as people across the country cast… Read


Peach launches 'tabinoco' for travel notes


Peach Aviation Ltd has launched a new service called “tabinoco," a travel information platform based on the concept of “a notebook for little travel notes.” Unique information from each individual ranging from unexpected discoveries to impressive experiences only possible in that particular spot can be posted and shared with photos.… Read


U.S. may have overshot in China trade talks


Brinkmanship has been one of the defining characteristics of the Trump administration, as the White House ramps up pressure to create a sense of crisis and force negotiating partners to make concessions. The administration has employed the same tactics in trade negotiations with Canada, Mexico, South Korea and the European… Read


Gov't approves test using iPS cells to treat spinal cord injuries


A team of Japanese researchers will carry out an unprecedented trial using a kind of stem cell to try to treat debilitating spinal cord injuries, the specialists said on Monday. The team at Tokyo's Keio University has received government approval for a trial using so-called induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) cells… Read


Japanese company will ask your crush out on a date for you if you’re too shy to do it yourself


A few months ago we took a look at Exit, a company in Japan that offers the unique service of telling your boss that you want to quit your job for you, saving you the trouble of turning in your resignation yourself. Kokunavi is another proxy service company, but its field of operations… Read

New Products

Lipton to release Sakura Milk Tea for cherry blossom season


Starbucks may have taken the lead on getting us all pumped up for early blossoms with their spring 2019 sakura series, but other brands are starting to make announcements for drinks, food, and more that are just as exciting. Joining this year’s sakura goods lineup is Lipton with Sakura Milk Tea. Starting on Feb… Read


Trump policies unite allies against him at European security forum


In 2009, then U.S. Vice President Joe Biden came to Munich to "press the reset button" with Russia. A decade later he came again to offer the world better relations, this time with his own country. Promising that "America will be back" once Donald Trump leaves office, Biden won a… Read


This vegetable curry has bold flavors to keep everyone happy


Vegetable curries are a great hearty choice for a vegetarian meal. Filled with bold flavors and a good variety of vegetables, they can be healthy, satisfying, and delicious—as long as the vegetables are well cooked and the flavors are balanced. To nail the bold flavor we turned to a few… Read


Hamamatsu: Quenching your need for speed and gyoza


Hamamatsu in the western part of Shizuoka Prefecture is the most populated city in the entire prefecture, yet it’s often bypassed by travelers whose eyes remain fixed on the snow-capped peak of Mount Fuji in its eastern half. But if you just scratch the surface, there’s enough in this central Japan city to keep… Read


Researchers discover how sleep helps the body fight germs


It looks like your mother was right: when you've got a cold, sleep may be the best medicine. German researchers have discovered one way sleep improves the body's ability to fight off a cold. Sleep, it seems, strengthens the potency of certain immune cells by improving their chances of attaching… Read

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