Prize-winning poiré sustainably made from Hosui pears grown in Chiba Prefecture

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Chiba Kenshu Hanbai Co Ltd 千葉県酒類販売株式会社, a general trading company of alcoholic beverages and food products based in Chiba Prefecture, will be selling its popular Nashi Sparkling Wine (nashi 梨 meaning Asian pear) from the Chiba no Megumi 千葉のめぐ実 series in a "renewed" form with a new package. Poiré (pear sparkling… Read


Thailand to allow vaccinated travelers from 40-plus countries without quarantine


Thai Premier Prayut Chan-O-Cha announced Thursday that vaccinated travelers from more than 40 countries will be allowed to enter the kingdom without undergoing quarantine come Nov 1, as it readies for a much-anticipated re-opening. The 46 countries and territories is a significant jump from the 10 initially announced last week… Read


The dark side of ramen


In a world of strife, controversy, conflict and contention, the natural impulse would to assume that an article beginning in this vein is not about ramen. It is precisely about ramen, however. Spa! (Oct 19-26) introduces us to “the dark side” of this tasty, highly popular and, one would have… Read

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Moomin 'wagashi' hitting Japanese convenience stores are the cutest traditional sweets around

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When it comes to wagashi (that’s traditional Japanese sweets), sweets enthusiasts know that not only do they taste delicious, but they are sure to be presented beautifully too. One lineup of wagashi which takes this idea to the next level is Tabemasu. Their creations are inspired by various recognizable characters… Read


Does raising minimum wage kill jobs? The century-long search for the elusive answer shows why economics is so difficult


For decades it was conventional wisdom in the field of economics that a higher minimum wage results in fewer jobs. In part, that’s because it’s based on the law of supply and demand, one of the most well-known ideas in economics. Despite it being called a “law,” it’s actually two… Read


Why COVID boosters weren't tweaked to better match variants


More COVID-19 booster shots may be on the way -- but when it’s your turn, you’ll get an extra dose of the original vaccine, not one updated to better match the extra-contagious delta variant. And that has some experts wondering if the booster campaign is a bit of a missed… Read


Death penalty can express society's outrage – but biases often taint verdict


In its hearing on Oct 13, 2021, the Supreme Court appeared to favor reinstating the death sentence for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was found guilty of planting homemade bombs, with the help of his brother, Tamerlan, along the crowded Boston Marathon route on April 15, 2013. The bombs killed three people… Read


Hawaii ready to welcome travelers as COVID cases drop


Hawaii's COVID-19 case counts and hospitalizations have declined to the point where the islands are ready to welcome travelers once again, the governor said. Gov David Ige said vacationers and business travelers are welcome to return to the islands starting Nov 1. His announcement comes nearly two months after he… Read


Ballet giving Japanese athletes new way to stay on their toes

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Athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes are enjoying the benefits of ballet without the need to wear frilly pink tutus or crunch their toes into pointe shoes -- all thanks to a professional dancer-turned-YouTuber. Miya Nishizono is showing Japanese athletes that ballet is not just for those who dream… Read


Tokyo restaurant’s bright idea: Lantern pods for you to sit in while you eat


The pandemic has caused difficulties for a lot of different types of businesses, but it’s been especially challenging for eat-in restaurants. Many have responded by adding partitions between diners, but the downside is that they can result in an isolated atmosphere and cramped table. One Tokyo restaurant wondered if there wasn’t a… Read

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