Obesity surgery may lower heart attack danger in diabetics

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Obesity surgery may dramatically lower the danger of heart attacks and strokes in patients with diabetes, new research suggests, reinforcing evidence that benefits extend beyond weight loss. The study tracked about 20,000 severely obese patients with Type 2 diabetes. Those who had weight loss surgery had a 40 percent lower… Read


Social Apartment brings its upscale shared house concept to Osaka


On October 6, 2018, pioneering real estate developer Global Agents opened their first Social Apartment in Osaka: TERMINALS. The company has been rapidly expanding across Japan to respond to the growing demand for new lifestyle accommodations and will finally be bringing its flagship brand, Social Apartment, to Osaka's dynamic Takatsuki… Read


'Takoyaki' prices soar due to shortage of main ingredient - octopus


One of Japan's most popular walk-away snacks -- takoyaki (grilled octopus dumplings) -- appears threatened by a shortfall in its main ingredient. Yukan Fuji (Oct 17) reports that the catch of the Akashi-dako species of octopus, so named because it is harvested off the coast of the fishing port of… Read


Don't pick doctors based on where they went to medical school


Where a doctor went to medical school in the U.S. doesn’t predict how well that doctor’s patients will do, a new study suggests. Researchers who looked at outcomes of nearly one million hospitalizations managed by more than 30,000 physicians found no difference in patients’ risks of death or hospital readmission… Read


Japanese snack maker develops portable gyoza you can eat anywhere, anytime

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Snack maker UHA (pronounced “yoo-ha”) Mikakuto is known for their daring projects. Every once in a while they’ll come up with chewy candies that taste like wine and cheese or salmon, and then also offer a VR unit with a robotic arm that simulates Kanna Hashimoto hand feeding them too you. Once again, they… Read


Europe’s North Korea moment


When South Korean President Moon Jae-in holds his first summit with the EU on Friday, North Korea will be at the top of the agenda. Many in Seoul hope that Europe will take a step forward and become more involved in dealing with Pyongyang, because when it comes to the… Read

New Products

Robot vacuum cleaners


Panasonic is releasing two new robot vacuum cleaners in their RULO series. The RULO vacuum has a triangular shape that enables it to squeeze in and sweep the corners of a room. The MC-RS810 and MC-RS310 are additionally equipped with three types of obstacle detecting sensors, using laser, ultrasonic waves… Read


Check-in with facial recognition now possible at some airports in China


It's now possible to check in automatically at Shanghai's Hongqiao airport using facial recognition technology, part of an ambitious rollout of facial recognition systems in China that has raised privacy concerns as Beijing pushes to become a global leader in the field. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport unveiled self-service kiosks for… Read


Helen Keller brings hope and light to Japan


Often, when I write, I try to put myself in the subject’s shoes and imagine seeing life from their perspective or hearing the sounds around them. This can’t be the case for Helen Keller. I did attempt to place myself on the tenji buroku, or the bumpy yellow lines for… Read

Executive Impact

Bringing purpose to trailing spouses with coach Jodi Harris


World Tree Coaching turns five this month. For its globetrotting founder, Jodi Harris, it’s a time to celebrate what she has achieved and, as she prepares for another expat placement next year, to reflect on the strong sense of self and of home required to run a global business. Growing… Read

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