Touchless: How the world's busiest airport envisions post-COVID travel


With COVID-19 ravaging the aviation industry, airlines and airports worldwide are reining in costs and halting new spending, except in one area: reassuring pandemic-wary passengers about travel. "Whatever the new normal (...) it's going to be more and more around self-service," Sean Donohue, chief executive of Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport… Read


Time to make masks mandatory? It's not just a U.S. debate


Amid pervasive backsliding on social distancing, Britain and France are weighing whether to require people to wear masks in public places. Scientists say the two countries' governments should have done so ever since they started easing lockdowns — like many other European nations did – instead of exposing their populations… Read

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Light-up Japanese bar sign capsule toys make drinking at home feel like a night on the town


Much like cherry blossoms and special Frappuccinos, gachapon vending machine capsule toys are seasonal pleasures in Japan. Even the most popular capsule toys only stick around for a few months, and then they’re cycled out to make space for new trinkets. But the biggest gachapon hits make a triumphant return with sequel series, which is what we’re… Read


Shinrin-Yoku: The Japanese art of forest bathing


If we've learned anything from watching Studio Ghibli films, it's that forests are enchanting, peaceful places full of magic and natural wonder... But did you know that spending time in forests can have an immensely positive effect on both your psychological and physical health? Shinrin-yoku (森林浴)—which literally translates to “forest bath”—is… Read


Dengue prevention efforts stifled by coronavirus pandemic

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To slow the spread of the coronavirus, governments issued lockdowns to keep people at home. They curtailed activities that affected services like trash collection. They tried to shield hospitals from a surge of patients. But the cascading effects of these restrictions also are hampering efforts to cope with seasonal outbreaks… Read


Violators, beware: Police finally put some teeth in cycling laws


At the end of June, a revised traffic law went into effect with new and especially harsh penalties imposed for 10 separate offenses related to tailgating. As reported by Nikkan Gendai (July 3), a driver found in violation can be subjected to a fine of up to 1 million yen… Read


Marriott expands AC Hotels brand to Japan


Marriott has expanded its AC Hotels brand to Japan, with the opening of the 296-room AC Hotel by Marriott Tokyo Ginza. Located in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza district, the hotel’s modern glass and stone façade makes it a standout landmark in the heart of the capital’s luxury shopping, culinary and fashion… Read


Sleep deprivation wiping out Japan’s productivity


Trains are a big part of life in Japan. If you live in a metropolitan city, perhaps as a business person, you can expect a considerable commute. An hour or more is average. Traveling business people can spend even more time as they crisscross the city. Hopefully, there’s a seat.… Read


The ultimate battle for ham sandwich supremacy – we examine Japan’s convenience store sandwiches


Sandwiches. Is there anything better? Of course, Japan being Japan, you can find a number of unique sandwich fillings wherever you go, ranging from the delicately beautiful all the way to the objectively disgusting. But there are times where you just don’t feel like being adventurous and yearn for a simple ham sandwich. Luckily, Japanese convenience stores have… Read


Pandemic exposes scientific rift over proving when germs are airborne


The coronavirus pandemic has exposed a clash among medical experts over disease transmission that stretches back nearly a century - to the very origins of germ theory. The Geneva-based World Health Organization acknowledged last week that the novel coronavirus can spread through tiny droplets floating in the air, a nod… Read

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