Researchers explore new way of killing malaria in the liver


In the ongoing hunt for more effective weapons against malaria, international researchers say they are exploring a pathway that has until now been little studied -- killing parasites in the liver, before the illness emerges. "It's very difficult to work on the liver stage," said Elizabeth Winzeler, professor of pharmacology… Read


Legal clouds over Trump grow with new disclosures


The more that special counsel Robert Mueller and federal prosecutors reveal, the darker grow the legal clouds over President Donald Trump. Trump's own Justice Department has now implicated him in a crime, accusing him of directing illegal hush-money payments to women during his 2016 presidential campaign. Mueller keeps finding new… Read


Can Macron survive France's 'yellow vest' revolution?


Nicole Barthelemy, the quiet, gracious owner of one of Paris’s premier cheese shops on the Rue de Grenelle, told me this week, with real panic in her eyes, “I have never in 47 years been so afraid as I am today.” And with good reason. Only a few blocks away,… Read


The dos and dont’s of class control for ALTs


“All kids in Japan are polite and well-behaved.” A common trope, but this is absolutely not the case. Japan isn’t so different from anywhere else. There are good kids who will play along with an almost angelic demeanor and there are difficult kids can who make The Incredible Hulk seem… Read


Red Planet partners with GreenOak for Japan expansion


Red Planet Japan has formed a joint venture with funds managed by GreenOak Investment Management KK, the Japanese arm of GreenOak Real Estate, that will develop Red Planet branded hotels in select city centers throughout Japan. GreenOak shall invest up to 5 billion yen in the venture, while RPJ will… Read


Old stale bread transforms into croutons


Don't throw out stale bread. Seriously, don't. Baguettes, sliced sandwich bread and even loaves of crusty white bread can be recycled into homemade croutons. Use a chef's knife to cut the bread into cubes (1/2-inch to 3/4-inch cubes are ideal). Toss the cubes with olive oil and some salt, and… Read


Patients often withhold relevant information from doctors


Patients commonly hold back information from doctors that could help in their healthcare, which could influence the care they receive or even harm them, researchers say. Doctors are familiar with this phenomenon, but it's time now to talk about why patients do this and how to spark better conversations, the… Read

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Kumamon phone charger

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Devicenet, a company that sells unique and nifty digital devices, has a new portable phone charger with a picture of Kumamon, the beloved bear mascot character of Kumamoto Prefecture. The charger is palm-size and easy to carry. Available from online stores: http://www.devicenet.jp/SHOP/DN-MBF-K.html https://item.rakuten.co.jp/devicenetstore/dn-mbf-k/ Price: 3,780 yen. Read


Fructose link to diabetes may be different for sodas than fruit


Sodas sweetened with fructose may have a greater impact on risk factors for diabetes than whole fruits that are natural sources of fructose, a research review suggests. The link between fructose and diabetes has been unclear. Some research has suggested this relationship may be explained at least in part by… Read

New Products

Maple Mania

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The sweets store, Maple Diner by the Maple Mania has opened on Mylord Mosaic Street in Tokyo's Shinjuku. Maple Diner is a new brand by Maple Mania. Calling all maple lovers, the store specialties will be their maple waffles (¥150) made on the spot and maple shakes (¥500). The store… Read

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