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World's island states meet to confront climate, fiscal challenges


Extremely vulnerable to climate change, not rich enough to stop it on their own, and not poor enough to depend on aid and development financing: the world's small island countries are bracing for both fiscal and climate shocks. Both will be high on the agenda this week as Small Island… Read


FamilyMart holds its first-ever Mint Chocolate Fair with 9 intriguing types of snacks


FamilyMart is holding its first Choco Mint Fair, which celebrates the still-under-appreciated flavor of mint chocolate in Japan. Our writer Natsuki Gojo and a friend got their hands on seven of the nine limited-time products and gave us their review, with a particular focus on the balance between mint and chocolate and how… Read


Maybe it’s high time 'majime' Japan turned 'wagamama' (Part 1)


Some words lose everything in translation. Others keep their meaning but lose their salt. Wagamama, for instance. “Selfish” would do (and usually does) but misses the “spoiled child” nuance and its implication that only spoiled children are selfish so snap out of it. The opposite of wagamama is majime – another example. “Serious” –… Read


Hilton Niseko Village: A premier escape for golf lovers

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Are you looking for the ultimate golfing escape in Japan? Look no further than Hilton Niseko Village, where luxury, stunning landscapes and Traditional Japanese comforts converge to offer you a memorable golf getaway.  Nestled in the picturesque region of Hokkaido's Niseko, enjoy sweeping views of Mount Yotei and the pristine… Read


Godiva Japan’s new canned cakes are works of art filled with luxuriously rich chocolate


Godiva Japan is known for its artistic, chocolaty creations throughout the year. You never know what’s going to be released next, especially with the brand’s rotating Monthly Chefs Selection entries. This time around, the latest menu item to hit shelves is a reimagined version of the beautiful cake in a can product that became a… Read


Can we rid artificial intelligence of bias?


Artificial intelligence built on mountains of potentially biased information has created a real risk of automating discrimination, but is there any way to re-educate the machines? The question for some is extremely urgent. In this ChatGPT era, AI will generate more and more decisions for health care providers, bank lenders… Read


7 things to know about how strokes are different for women


Strokes can be devastating for anyone. But the risks and symptoms of a stroke are not always the same in women and men. American Heart Association News asked experts to explain a few of the most significant differences – and what women can do to protect themselves. Women have more… Read


10 tattoo-friendly onsen in Kansai


As a land of many natural hot springs, Japan has a rich history of onsen (hot spring baths). Visiting an onsen is one of the essential ways of experiencing traditional Japanese culture and is the perfect way to relax and soothe your aches and pains after a long day of travel or work. Unfortunately,… Read


Scientists say they can make zero-emission cement


Researchers say they are a step closer to solving one of the trickiest problems in tackling climate change -- how to keep making cement despite its enormous carbon footprint. In a world first, engineers from Britain's University of Cambridge have shown that cement can be recycled without the same steep… Read


For some digital detox, look to the latest in craft kits


Digital diversions may have us tethered to tech, but screen fatigue is real. Even my digitally-native, young-millennial kids prefer printed books these days. And a recent weekend together at home had us busting out some craft kits. There might have been Netflix in the background, but everybody’s hands were busy… Read

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