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Give cheers with an impact with traditional Japanese cut 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' drinking glass

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It may not be the first type of collaboration to come to mind when thinking of "Neon Genesis Evangelion," but there seems to be some synergy between the iconic anime and traditional Japanese crafts, including quality blades and cast iron kettles. Evangelion fans can now give a toast with another traditional craft, this time… Read


Is the AKB48-style idol singer promotion system limiting Japanese music’s global appeal?


Idol music is a unique part of the Japanese recording industry, and not just because of how it sounds. It’s marketed with a completely open acknowledgement that the primary appeal for fans is the performers’ image, not the songs’ sounds, leading to practices such as tying chances of winning tickets to… Read


Why monkeypox may soon get a new name


Monkeypox may soon have a new name after scientists called for a change to dispel stereotypes of Africa being seen as a crucible of disease. The World Health Organization announced last week that it is "working with partners and experts from around the world on changing the name of monkeypox… Read


Generation gap at work in the office between Showa and Heisei employees


There’s a generation gap at work in the office, says President magazine (July 1). It’s a tale of two eras, Showa (1926-89) and Heisei (1989-2019). The postwar Showa years built a surging economy and a psychology to match: driven, dedicated, a bit crude maybe in terms of the finer things… Read


Australia's new climate promise meets mining reality


Flood, fire and drought-battered Australia is trying to clean up its act on climate change, but dependence on fossil fuel riches could stymie the national makeover. Centre-left Prime Minister Anthony Albanese swept to power in May promising weary Australians that he would tackle climate change. He followed through on a… Read


Sexy lingerie makes post-pandemic comeback


Sexy women's underwear didn't fare too well during the jogging-bottoms-and-pajamas phase of the pandemic, but from the red carpet to lingerie shows, ultra-sultry intimate apparel is making a comeback -- and is now much more visible. Rihanna helped set the mood with her radical approach to pregnancy fashion -- sporting… Read


Japan Airlines and 'One Piece' team up for Wano Country airplane and pirate adventure in the sky


Every once in a while, airlines in Japan show a little love to anime fans with special flights, including an Exeggutor Pokemon plane in Miyazki and a successful Kemono Friends flight project. Now fans of colossal hit anime and manga "One Piece" can have an epic pirate adventure in the skies, as Japan Airlines (JAL) and "One Piece" are teaming… Read


Japanese chef reveals easy way to julienne carrots


Julienned vegetables are used in all kinds of cooking. Also referred to as the allumette (or matchstick) when used on potatoes, the julienne measures approximately 1⁄8 by 1⁄8 by 1–2 inches (0.3 cm × 0.3 cm × 3 cm – 5 cm). In Japanese cuisine, it's the closest thing to… Read


Ukraine-Russian war will shape world's arsenals


The headlines on the newsstands in Seoul blared fresh warnings of a possible nuclear test by North Korea. Out on the sidewalks, 28-year-old office worker Lee Jae Sang already had an opinion about how to respond to North Korea's fast-growing capacity to lob nuclear bombs across borders and oceans. “Our… Read


Yours sincerely: Singles charmed by Japan letter-writing scheme


Sick of swiping and tired of Tinder? Old-fashioned love letters may be the answer, says one Japanese city whose unusual matchmaking scheme has been a surprising success. Singles in Miyazaki Prefecture are being encouraged to put pen to paper in a low-tech search for their soulmate, part of municipal efforts… Read

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